Saturday, April 14, 2018

Iker's Birth Story

Here we are again, another pregnancy and another fun birth story to share! 
Baby #3's Due Date is April 12, 2018!
August 2018 I found out the exciting news that we were pregnant with Baby #3! Like the others we chose to make this one a surprise gender as well! The reason I love doing the surprise is because it's SO much fun! We don't share the names we pick out or find out the gender, and I feel for us and for our friends and family it makes it that much more exciting when the baby arrives! Keeps everyone on their toes and we love it! It gives me something to look forward to! A reason to push through and make it through all the intense pain so I can find out what my baby is! It was super fun to document each pregnancy. I put them all together to try to compare the baby bumps to see if we could tell the gender from the bumps! Not really lol Week by week the belly changed. Sometimes I carried how I did Breck, and other times I carried like I did with Kaiya. The pictures on the far left are Breck, Middle is Kaiya and far right is Iker. Too fun!

So on with the actual story because that's what everyone wants to hear anyways! So 3rd time around I am older than I was with the other 2 kids (29 man!) and because I have already delivered 2 kids my body can definitely feel it taking it's toll. This time around I struggled a lot more than I did with the other 2. I of course had sciatica pain which is normal for me. I had it with my other 2 pregnancies and expected it. What I didn't expect was the intense hip pain and issues!  January I started having some hip pain here and there. Well it quickly got worse and my hips started popping in and out of joint. If I coughed they would pop out, if I sneezed, bent down, laid in bed etc. Anything I did popped them in and out and it hurt SO bad! February came and my Dr. said they were pretty sure my pelvis was out of alignment. Due to my waddling, and struggling with walking and every day little tasks they told me I couldn't travel. If I traveled it would put unwanted stress on my body and the baby and they didn't want any issues. I was bummed to get that news because we had plans to visit some family but I didn't want to create or cause problems for baby so I was a good girl and listened!

March soon came and the issues still weren't getting better. I was wearing a hip belt to try to help with the pain and keep them in place but that wasn't enough. I started seeing a chiropractor. I went to Dr. Haley Thompson at Cafe of Life here in Durango, and OH MY LANTA! I just have to say what an AMAZING chiropractor she is! She really is the best I have gone to and has helped me a ton! We found out that my Pelvis, Secrum and Tailbone were all out of alignment and causing so many issues! She said that 9 times out of 10 when your pelvis is out of alignment it ends in a C-Section because the birth canal isn't straight and it adds stress to the baby and the baby won't come. So I am SO grateful that I've been able to see Dr. Haley and get everything into alignment so it will help with the delivery process!

Here we are in April now and due date is just around the corner! I am trying not to get my hopes up as both the other kids were late and never came on their due dates but one can always hope right? I'm just so anxious this go around and I think it's because I'm in so much pain and would like to be able to move normal again. My birthday came around on April 6, and I for sure thought that maybe this babe would make its appearance as a sweet bday gift to me, and nope...I was wrong as usual! Sunday April 8th was Punka's birthday I thought/hoped, as well as the rest of the family all hoped that this baby would arrive and give Punka a great birthday present but this baby decided April 8th wasn't a good day!

Here I am at 40 weeks, the night of April 11, 2018! Due date is 1 day away!
So April 11, 2018 I had a Dr. Appointment. I met with Rebecca Dworkin. This go around I went with the Southwest Midwives and absolutely LOVED them! Rebecca checked me and I was dilated at a 3.5 and 65% effaced. While she was checking me she freaked out because I stretched from a 3.5 to a 4.5 SO easy and with little effort. She said the head was so low, and my water bag was right there! She was so surprised at how ready I was! She told me, "I don't feel like I should be sending you home! I feel like you're just gonna drop this baby right out and I should catch it or something!" She went ahead and swiped my membranes for me, which we thought to do just because. I had it done with the other kids and it didn't do anything, but it doesn't hurt to try right? As expected I went all day with nothing! No bleeding, no contractions nothing. So just as the others, this one I knew was going to be late. We treated the night just like any other. Got the kids settled in bed, snuggled and watched a show together and then headed to bed ourselves. 

Thursday April 12, 2018 at 3:30AM I got woken up by an INTENSE and sharp pain in my stomach! It hurt SO bad! I was dead asleep and then all of a sudden BAM! After it stopped I got up and went and used the restroom. After that I felt relieved and figured the pain was just from my body needing the bowel movement haha So I climbed back in bed and fell asleep. 4:15AM I have another sharp intense pain! So again, I get up and head to the restroom. While sitting there another one hits and lasts a while, then I get a break, and then another. Here I am, sitting on the toilet at 4:20 in the morning thinking to myself, "There's NO WAY that I am having contractions. Both kids I had to wait for my water to break before anything happened. My water isn't broken, It's not happening." So I'm like totally in denial here and then talk myself into just timing the contractions just to see. Well to my surprise these contractions were 5min apart and lasting about 1min or longer. Then to my surprise as I'm finishing up in the restroom, I lost my entire mucus plug! Yup, that right there told me that we were having a baby! So what did I do? Yup, the crazy me jumped in the shower so I could be clean and showered when having this baby. While in the shower the contractions got closer together. When I got out they were now 3min apart! I then realized I needed to wake my hubby and my mom! So at 4:45AM I go over and wake up Presten and tell him that we were having a baby. After that I had to run to the restroom again! With these contractions it was more bearable to sit on the toilet and push. So I'm dealing with a contraction and my groggy hubby comes in, looks at me and says, "Your contractions are 35min apart?!" bewildered at why in the world I woke him up if they are 35min apart. I told him, "No, they are 3-5min apart and lasting about 1min or more!" He then looks at me and asks, "How long has this been going on for?" I respond, "about an hour" and he goes, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We should be at the hospital!!!" Granted, he was 100% right ha I was in denial though, I really didn't think I was in labor and had to 100% make sure that it was real and not my body tricking me lol So I called my mom and woke her up. She called my Aunt Suzy (Sweety to my kids) and Sweety came over and took care of my kids that day for us! Papi was in Denver for a continuing education class and wasn't going to get home until that night. So Sweety stepped in and took care of Breck and Kaiya for us which was AMAZING!!!!! My mom stayed at the house until Sweety showed up so that Presten and I could make it to the hospital. These contractions were hitting hard so I was pacing through the house like crazy! I grabbed a towel just in case my water broke in the car and we were off! The contractions were getting closer and closer together and more painful for sure! So to take my mind off of it I called the hospital to let them know I was coming in, called the midwife who was on call which was Rebecca Dworkin and sent a snapchat to Pres's siblings, and a Marco Polo to my siblings. It def helped to keep my mind off of the pain. 

We got to the hospital and were checked in at 5:20AM! I got there and they had my room all ready for me. I got changed and they hooked me up to the monitor to check the baby's heart rate and to check my contractions. My midwife checked me and sure enough I was 100% effaced and dilated at a 7! Her and I laughed at the fact that I was laboring like a "normal" labor and delivery and how I had been nervous about it the day before and my fear actually came true! I was so afraid that I would labor differently and not know I was in labor and in fact that is totally what happened! 
So here we are in the room, contractions are coming and getting more and more painful! I had to really focus on my breathing! We kept good conversation going with the nurses, the nurse who was taking care of me was Amanda and she was AMAZING!!! 

Here we are in between those NAUGHTY contractions! Making sure to document with pics! The nurses were laughing at me because the contractions were getting more intense and I made the comment, "OK! I am SO over this! This is not fun anymore! These need to end!" Then as soon as it ended I whipped out my phone and we started taking selfies! They got a kick out of that one! I can't help it, I have to have pictures for the memories! It's just who I am lol After the pictures then I went back to being in pain again! 

I had an intense contraction and then it subsided and I was able to breathe. I looked at my mom and Presten and said, "Now I know what a normal pregnant woman feels like! Being able to have time to breathe in between contractions is so nice!" Who knew right? haha They both laughed! Then the contractions hit again! They were getting stronger each time and getting naughtier! When you hit that pain you remember why you don't wan't that baby coming out! Well guess what, at that point it's too late! There's no turning back now! There was one contraction where I gagged and almost puked! Thank goodness Presten was there with the bucket to catch anything. Luckily I didn't puke but man, those contractions make you NAUSEOUS! That was so intense! My midwife was amazing! She was coaching me, telling me to move into whatever position felt comfortable and that if it felt better to push with the contractions then do so. She told me to go with my body and not against it. She was seriously amazing! She was calm and talked me through everything. At one point I was resting on the bed during the labor and it was so intense! My lower back was killing me and my amazing hubby stepped in and would push as hard as he could to relieve the pressure! My midwife stepped in as well and helped with the pressure and massaged my lower back! She was amazing and stepped in whenever she needed to! My mom helped by massaging my feet and ankles and pushing on my back as well. All 3 of them were life savers! They couldn't take away my pain, but they could help to make me as comfortable as possible!
At one point my midwife told me, "You're doing amazing! Don't worry, we are having a baby!" I laughed and said, "yeah, we are probably gonna have this baby in like an hour or 2!" The nurse Amanda looked and me said, "nope, 10min! In 10min we are having a baby!" I kind of laughed and honestly thought more like hours. Nothing was progressing. I couldn't feel the baby coming down or anything. My contractions felt like they were too far apart for anything to be happening. My midwife checked me again and I was at a 10 and 100% effaced. My water still hadn't broke so I asked her to go ahead and break it so we could get something moving hopefully! So she broke my water and I was expecting a huge gush! Instead it was like nothing. I was kind of surprised that nothing had happened but with how low the baby's head was it was probably blocking most of it. After breaking the water I felt like this labor was going to go on FOREVER! I was lying on my left side and dealing with some contractions. One just finished and I was about to say something to Presten, then all of a sudden another big one hit! It took everything in me to focus on getting through it and then it hit it's peak and without warning WHAM! The INSANE urge to push! I pushed and felt the freakin' baby! I hadn't even felt the baby in the birth canal or coming down or anything! It was like absolutely nothing, calm long contractions and then holy cow here is the contraction to give birth! I pushed with everything I had! Everything, meant everything. I had some bowel movements, I know because I could feel them and I kept apologizing to the nurses, through my grunts, about them having to clean it up! I was so embarrassed, but there was nothing I could do about it. At that point you have absolutely no control over your body. Your body is in control and you just follow it! I could feel the head crowning, the baby was coming and coming fast! I had to stop pushing, catch my breath real quick and then push again! I could feel the burning when the baby was crowning. Everything was on fire, it hurt so bad! It felt like everything was being ripped open! It hurt so bad! I started grunting and growling! I told Presten, "I'm going to die! It hurts to bad I don't think I can make it! I can't do it!" Yes, I was saying all of this to him while I'm still in the middle of pushing and thinking it would never end! Then finally, it ended! I felt relief! With that push I could feel the baby come out. I could feel that amazing relief of pressure and pain and then they immediately lifted the baby up and Presten told me with such excitement, "It's a BOY!!!" He came out sucking on his hand! As soon as he was out he was trying to find something to suck on immediately! They then placed him on my chest and we got to bond! Momma and her new baby boy got that special moment of snuggling up together and for just one moment time stood still for Presten, Iker and I. Presten sat there holding my hand and kissing my forehead while both he and I stared in wonder at our precious baby boy lying on my chest who had just entered the world to join our family. I never want to forget moments like that. Moments where time stand still and for one second, your life is miraculously perfect! They got some mucus out of his throat, and then he started to cry but only for a second.

They clamped the cord and let Presten cut the cord and then took him over to weigh and measure him, which he was not happy about! He did not want to be taken away from his momma! 

Here's Iker getting weighted

While they cleaned him up they let the placenta finish detaching itself and then I had to deliver the 2nd baby...that nice placenta ha luckily it's not as bad as the baby, but it still is painful! I was SO grateful that she let my body release the placenta because last time the Dr. pulled on it and broke it and it was awful! This delivery was by far the best one! I followed what my body wanted to do, all the nurses and my midwife let me labor the way I wanted to, listened to me and were ready for me! My mom and hubby were amazing support as always and it was honestly all around perfect! I could not have asked for anything better! I asked what time he was born and to my surprise he came at 6:27AM! Can you believe it? My 3rd kid was ACTUALLY born on his due date! He truly loves me! I was in disbelief because I for sure knew he would be late! 
Like the other 2 kiddos it was a quick and fast labor and delivery! 2.5hrs! So the bright side my deliveries are staying the same length and not getting quicker! If they get quicker, I don't know if I would have been able to make it! The most intense part only lasted 1hr and I was SOOO grateful for that! All the nurses and my midwife could not believe how fast that delivery was! They were all in complete awe at how quick and "easy" it was and kept telling me that it was the best kind of delivery they could ask for! 

After the placenta was out they gave me that oh so coveted stomach massage! You know, the one that makes you want to cry and punch something, and is probably worse than the labor part itself? Yeah, that one ha. After that she stitched me right up. It was only a small tear so I only needed a few stitches. I did have a lot of stretch mark tears all around. They were superficial so nothing you can do about those, but let me tell you, when you pee those things burn like no other! After I was all stitched up, stomach massaged good and Iker was clean, they brought him back over to nurse. He latched instantly and easily! 

All wrapped up in Honey's arms waiting for his bath! He's already sticking his tongue out at us!

After all the hustle and bustle they let us have some "us" time before they took Iker to the nursery for a bath and for me to get cleaned up as well. It was such a whirlwind of happenings but it was SO nice to have everything settle and it to all be done and for us to get to relax and enjoy our new sweet bundle.
 All clean after his bath!

The rest of the day we spent with all sorts of friends and family who stopped by for visits! Papa got to come and see Iker, Dana unfortunately wasn't feeling good and couldn't come! Sweety came and brought Breck and Kaiya to come meet their new baby brother! Once they entered the room, Breck KNEW it was a boy! Breck and Kaiya were thrilled to meet him! Breck brought his Optimus Prime Transfromer toy to show Iker! He was so excited to show him. Kaiya pretty much claimed Iker as her baby instantly! Anytime anyone would hold him, she would have to go and stand right next to them or sit with them and would say "My Baby, Hold You!" Which in translation means, My baby, I hold him! haha She could not get enough of him. They both just sat there and held him and just stared/gazed at him. Kaiya pointed out his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair etc. 
They are both completely obsessed with their brother and my heart is full of so much love at how much they love him! It makes my heart want to explode from all the cuteness!
Papa stopped by between his Pickleball games which was so cute! Dana wasn't feeling good, so Papa came and got some cute pictures that he could take over to show Dana. He's just the cutest grandpa! Love him!
Here they are! SOOOOO excited to meet their new baby brother!

Grammie and Papa (Janelle & Brad Blake) came for a visit, my friend Lorena Hernandez came, along with Uncle Tracy, Fishy, Shane and Sweety later in the evening. My mom stayed with us until about 3:30/4:00pm and then she headed home to relieve Sweety from kid duty. Thank goodness for the amazing family I have around me to help with the kids and help with our house and dinners! 

The rest of the afternoon Pres and I spent between nurses, the nursery for Iker and getting 1hr to just sit and relax with the 3 of us. That evening we had more visitors. Sweety, Tracy, Shane and Fishy came back around 7:00pm to visit and snuggle little Iker up! It was so fun to have them! After they headed home we got ready for bed and snuggled up for the night. They had to do some more measurements and get info for Iker in the middle of the night which was rough. We were SO tired! It was so hard to stay awake for that. After they got what they needed and Iker ate, then we all got some much needed uninterrupted sleep! It was heavenly! 

All ready for bed!!!

The next morning we took it nice and slow. My midwife came in and gave me the clear to go home. later in the morning the pediatrician, which is actually a friend of mine, Kelly Miller, she came in and gave Iker the all clear to go home as well! At about 12:30pm we were all in the clear! We had been given all the discharge info we needed and we were free to go! You have no idea how happy that made me! The hospital is great and all but it's not home! When you get to be in the comfort of your own home it just makes EVERYTHING so much better! Friday night after we got home Aunt Nani arrived to come and snuggle sweet Iker and help me out for the week! She's amazing! Between her, my mom and my Aunt Suzy, they have taken care of EVERYTHING from cooking, cleaning, kids etc. They have helped me to be able to relax, rest and heal! My family truly is amazing! 

Iker's first bath at home! He HATES the bath haha not a fan of being exposed at all!

It would appear that Daddy is the real one that needs to catch up on his rest and sleep from all the labor and delivery! It really took it out of him lol 

Honey and Iker fast asleep on a perfect Sunday afternoon. 

We have now been home for 5 days and I can't even begin to tell you how much I love sleeping in my own bed! It's perfection! Breck and Kaiya fall more and more in love each day with their brother. Every morning the first thing Breck wants to do is hold baby Iker! Kaiya is always concerned for him. She wants to help with changing his diaper, feeding him, getting his binky etc. They are the greatest little helpers and definitely know how to smother their brother with loves and kisses! This kid better get used to no personal space from here on out because his big brother and big sister will never allow him to have it! They love him way too much! Yesterday, Monday April 16, 2018 Iker had his circumcision done with Dr. Lavengood. Everything went great (besides us having to be there for 3.5hrs) but it was smooth and now he is just healing it from it. He was not a fan and was so upset! I feel his pain! He and I are both healing in the same spots together now! I'm not alone lol We are doing good at home though. So far having 3 kids has been easy and great! Now, when Tianna heads back to UT on Thursday, and my mom goes back to work, that's when the REAL fear will actually set in! I will officially be on my own and have to figure out how to juggle 3 kids and still try to keep a presentable house and stay sane! Wish me luck at that point! I'm excited for all the new adventures that await us and our new little family! 

Now, before we end the story, I would like to say that Iker's birth was a very unique situation for our little family. Presten's grandparents, Punka and Grandma Dickinson (Presten's Dad's parents) had been so anxious for this new baby to arrive. They were constantly asking Aunt Debbie if they had heard anything or knew when the baby was coming! They were just beyond excited to welcome new great grand baby #9 into the family! So, during our downtime at the hospital after he was born, we took the time to rest up and to make phone calls and let our family know of the arrival of our precious new baby boy! One of our first calls was to Punka and Grandma at 7:30AM. Grandma was the one who answered the phone. We told her our wonderful news, and she was beyond excited! She was so excited she started to get all teary and choked up and was so so happy! It was so fun to tell her! Punka was still sleeping and she said she would tell Punka the wonderfully exciting news! After getting off the phone with her we called Aunt Debbie and told her the exciting news as well! She was beyond ecstatic as well! We continued to call our family and send texts and facebook messages! While Presten was on facebook and saw a post on Punka's wall from his cousin. The message referred to him missing Punka. Neither of us knew of anything and so started calling around. We couldn't get a hold of anyone and finally got in contact with his Sister and Uncle. So, about 3hours after speaking with Grandma, we got the unfortunate news that Punka was no longer with us.
Punka had passed away during the night. He went to bed Wednesday night and went peacefully in his sleep. It was a hard hit to the heart when we received this news. Punka was SO excited to meet this new baby, and unfortunately wouldn't get to meet him in this life. Presten and I know that that is why Iker came when he did. I guarantee you Punka was there with him and told him to get his butt down here to be with us because we waited long enough ha We know he was there with us, Punka and Papa-D (Presten's Dad) were both there with Iker, loving him and preparing him for the crazy family that was waiting to welcome him with open arms! It was a roller coaster of emotions for us to welcome our new sweet baby and be overcome with joy and then to find out that we lost a part of our family, an amazing part of our family, was a hard hit for us. Punka was a very special grandpa! From the moment I met Punka he made me feel like I was part of the family and one of his own! He loved my kids something fierce and was the best story teller! He was a second father for Presten when his dad passed away in 2012, and has been nothing but amazing to us. He made sure to let us know everytime we spoke how much he loved us and loved our kids. He told us we ALWAYS had a home with him and that he would always be there for us. I will miss all of his sweet comments on facebook. He made sure to always make the cutest and sweetest comments on our posts and pictures. He was seriously the cutest! He loved his family more than words can describe and was one amazing man! It doesn't matter if you try to prepare yourself for something like this, once it happens, it is the hardest thing to embrace. It's nice to know that he had just celebrated his 89th birthday on April 8th. He never had to live in a nursing home, he had his family around him and went peacefully in his sleep. That's something wonderful! His family got to spend SO many years with him with so many cherished and amazing memories to hold on to and stories to pass down to our kids. Losing the patriarch of the family is a tough thing to bear! It's a blessing to have family and to know that no matter what you always have each other. It's a blessing to know that Iker got to see his Punka and Papa-D before coming to see us, and to know that they are always there watching over us. Can you just imagine the reunion between father and son? Together forever! I am so grateful for the knowledge we have and for this unique moment in time where even though we had to say goodbye to one member of the family, we got to welcome and say hello to a new one! It will be a rough couple of days for us but we are so grateful for our family and the love and support that we have at this time! Squish will miss her Punka kisses! She LOVED giving him kisses and loves! His kisses were something special! We will love you forever and always Punka! You will never be forgotten!