Saturday, September 3, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend we have had a blast! Friday was the first performance for the High School dance team here at Durango High School. My mom is the head coach of the dance team and the Varsity team girls were performing during half time, and the JV and Varsity girls were performing throughout the night on the sidelines. Presten and I went and supported my mom and the dance team and had a blast! We started the night off by going to Mama's boy with my cousin Staysha and her friend Melissa. We had a delicious dinner (pizza of course) and great laughs and fun. After dinner we headed to the football game. I was able to see all of our girls that I coached on the JV team when I coached last year and to be honest it made me SO sad to not be with them this year. I for sure miss them, we had some FUN times together. After the game we had a FULL house! Staysha and Melissa stayed the night with Tanessa and our family friend Mikayla upstairs; we then had a surprise phone call from some Elders that used to serve in our area and are now off their missions and living in Utah, they wanted to come for a visit and brought Tianna (my little sister that is now living in Utah); We also had our friend Keti and his friend stay the night and needless to say we had quite the fun house last night!
Today we were all able to go Silverton today and got to go riding and four wheeling. We went with the McBrides (my Dad's sister and her family), the Farley's (My dad's brother and his family) and my family (mom, dad, tanessa, tianna and mikayla). It was colder than last time but we had a great time. We were able to go and explore an old ghost town that was there and have some good wholesome fun while Tianna's visiting us :) Here's a few pictures of our fun....

All Ready with their AWESOME sunglasses from the 80's...STYLIN'!

An old abandoned ruin. Where we were camped out used to be a town itself, CRAZY!

Mikayla fell in the river and was soaked up to her knees so she had to ring out her shoes and try to dry off in the sun. 

Our spectacular lunch view 


Staysha, Mikayla and Tanessa jeepin' it with us

Random toilet in the middle of nowhere, just had to be documented ha

Old abandoned ghost town. We were able to go in and check out all of the empty houses. It was so neat!

They were afraid they were gonna fall through the floor ha!

This is where they put the kids that were bad....Well so we assume. These girls were naughty and were put in time out

Then it was us who got put in time out :(

Our HANDSOME MEN! (L-R: My dad, Uncle Tracy, Presten, Owen & Uncle Tom)

Sexy Ladies! (L-R; Aunt Keeley, Staysha, Aunt Suzy & my Mom)

Our fun toys! rzr's, 4-wheelers, ranger and jeep!

Look, driving with no hands!

After all the fun they were WIPED out!

Until next time....

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