Sunday, October 30, 2011


So fall time has approached quicker than expected but we have most definitely enjoyed every moment of it! The beginning of the month we were able to go to up to Gunnison and spend the weekend with the fam and watch Bryten's football game. We learned how to make Presten's favorite peanut butter rolls and homemade cinnamon rolls with Grandma Cook and even got to spend time looking Grandma Audrey's flower club plates (which are GORGEOUS)! We had such an awesome weekend and were bummed we had to come back home and go back to work and school ha!
On our way to Gunnison and stopping to enjoy the beautiful view!

Presten, Dad & Punka

Cute couple!

The brothers plain' some football!

Go Bryten! woo hoo! #16

Brotherly love!

So after our splendid weekend in Gunnison we came home, worked and went to school and then headed to LAS VEGAS! We left Thursday morning with my parents and were on our way. Presten and I bought a new car and my parents were so kind as to drive us there to pick it up! We got into town and picked up the car and got to stay the night at Treasure Island! Talk about awesome view and super comfortable beds and pillows. It was def. a sweet set up! The next morning Pres and my Dad did some exploring and shopping at Fry's and at the Auto Auction there, while the girls did some window shopping and then we met up for lunch at none other than......IN-N-OUT! YUMALICIOUS! From there we made our way up to Orem, UT for the rest of the weekend to spend with my Sister Tianna, and Uncle Bryan & Aunt Katrina and their family!
2008 Toyota Prius! yay!

Took a detour to the Polaris store and had to check out the Rzrs!

We finally made it to Utah after our along the way stops! We enjoyed dinner at an authentic El Salvadorian restaurant in provo which was super tasty and then spent the night visiting with family! The next morning (saturday) The girls (Aunt Katrina, My Mom, Myself, Tianna & Missy) all woke up and hit the Orem Rec Center for some awesome zumba! It was so much fun! and let me tell you it kicked our butts! We had a blast and a great work out! While we were out working out Presten and my Uncle Bryan were working out in the back yard. Look at how much fun they are having!

After our work out and backyard fixing up we went to Olive Garden in American Fork for lunch and to visit Tianna. She is a hostess there. It is also where Brandon and I worked as Host and Hostess when we lived in Utah. Family tradition ha

After lunch Tianna was off and we went to R.E.I and well...they may have had a lil' too much fun trying the hats and goggles on ha! oh these girls crack me up!

Look at these sexy ppl! They've got it join' on! 
After R.E.I. and some shopping stuff we went home and prepared for our fun night out. Tia Withers (my cousin Jessica's sister in law) plays volleyball for BYU and Saturday night was breast cancer awareness night. It was a wear pink to get in for free night so we all sported our awesome pink and headed out for the game!

Mitch, Jessica and my mom

The boys even did their fare share of pink. My dad and press didn't have any pink with them but were determined that they were going to get in for free! so my dad wore my mom's sweater and Presten wore mine. It totally looks like they fit haha

The cute pink family!
After the game we all headed to a place in Orem called yogurt land. it was SUPER delicious! there were all sorts of flavors and toppings and wow talk about awesomeness in your mouth! It was a great way to end that night for sure! The next day we went to Church with my Aunts Family and came home to make dinner and dessert. It was a nice lazy Sunday and we def. enjoyed ourselves. Later that night my cousins on my Dad's side of the family all came over to visit. We had Matt & Lori, Adam, Luke, Jennie and her friend Jared. It was a great night and we all enjoyed the stories and laughter! It was a great weekend! We were all sad that the weekend had to end so soon, we all enjoyed ourselves so much!  We came home and got back into the swing of things. This past friday was the last football game for the high school and we went to watch and support the dance team that my mom coaches.

After the game I took Presten on a date down Main street! We walked Main and drank Hot cocoa and Chai and talked. Oh it was such a great date and he even said he liked me enough we could go out on another date sometime! SCORE! I'm the luckiest girl ever! hahah

Tonight we went over to my Aunt Suzy and Uncle Tracy's and did some FUN Halloween activities! We made our own homemade caramel apples (with the SUPER delicious caramel that my Aunt Suzy made) and then after we watched Van Helsing! Perfect Halloween festivities for a perfect night! Yay for family and fun adventures we have! 

Look at our finished product! Don't they look great?! Well that's the update on our life so far! Just having a blast and enjoying one day at a time! Love the memories we are making!