Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Traditions!

So this was Presten and I's very first Thanksgiving together and it was perfect! Thinking of all the fun memories that we will be able to make together and the traditions we will start with our little family is just SO EXCITING!  On Tuesday we headed up to Gunnison to be with Presten's family. Our trip was great! we had clear skies and dry roads all the way. We were so grateful to have a safe and short trip. We spent time with the family and visited Punka and Grandma and Grandma and Grandpa Cook Tues & Wed. Thursday we had Thanksgiving dinner at Punka and grandma's house along with Presten's Uncle Steve, Aunt Debbie and their kids Stevie and Maddie. Grandma Audrey cooked a SUPER delicious Thanksgiving dinner with dessert and everything! it was a great first thanksgiving with my new family!
Trenten Bryten & Presten

Brotherly Love!

Getting' Ready to head to Thanksgiving Dinner!

Dad cutting the turkey

Maddie, Trenten & Bryten

After Thanksgiving Dinner we played games had dessert and then headed home to let our tummies try to digest all that food! Presten and I decided that Friday we were gonna try to do some black friday shopping so we headed to bed so we could wake up early and head to Grand Junction. We were hoping to leave by 4am but decided we liked our sleep too much and didn't wake up till about 5:15ish ha. We got some AWESOME deals and had an awesome day just being able to spend time together walking and browsing and enjoying each other. I couldn't have asked for a better day to spend with my hubby! on the way to Grand Junction Presten had a goal for our prius; he wanted to see what kind of gas mileage we got. From Gunnison to Delta (1hr 45 min) we got up to 53 mpg. 

This is only 52.1 cuz i didn't get the camera out at 53, i'm lame i know

This was his EXCITED face for the awesome gas mileage

After spending all day in Grand Junction we got home and helped build a fence to go around the fireplace so that when baby Jordan comes for Christmas he doesn't burn himself. It was super quick and a little cold but we had fun!

It was a fun holiday weekend with family! This morning we slept in (our black friday shopping kinda wore us out) and then awoke and made our drive home. On the way we stopped in Montrose for some lunch and to check out walmart just for fun. While at walmart we saw that the Christmas trees were on sale from the black friday specials. They had a 7ft pre-lit Christmas tree for $88.00. That seemed like such an awesome deal we had to go for it. We also found some cute lil' ornaments that were on sale as well so we gathered some of those as well. We get up to the checkout stand and the lady is ringing us up and tells me the total was $87.00 for everything. I was a little confused then looked at the receipt and to Presten and I's surprise, our Christmas Tree was $58.00!!!! Talk about an amazing Christmas special surprise! We got our very first Christmas Tree and all the ornaments for the price of the first Sale price! Talk about an AWESOME Christmas Deal! Needless to say we were so happy we had to come home and decorate!

Here's our living room

Presten's nutcrackers he has received over the years from Punka

Our very own Christmas tree!

Our Joy Banner that my Aunt Suzy made! she is SO talented!

After all the decorations we topped the night off with Rootbeer floats and movies...Best ending to the Best day! I am so blessed to have the AMAZINGLY PERFECT husband that I do, one that is so patient with me and that loves me unconditionally. I am so grateful for the wonderful new family i'm apart of and for the great memories we will get to create! That's all for now! until next time!