Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's the most WONDERFUL time of the Year!

Sorry in advance for all the pictures, but they are just too fun to not share!

So where to begin! We have been SO busy the past couple of days i don't even know where to start! So much to tell and so many happy memories! Presten and I have really been enjoying the Christmas spirit and decorating and just Christmas all together! Art and Keti were leaving back to California on Sunday the 18th So of course before they left we had to celebrate! We had a big game night at Dana's house and everyone enjoyed each others desserts! It was so much fun and YUMMY! 

Shopping day!

Tanessa & Aunt Cindy

Art & Jenna

Annalee & Justin


Mother, daughter...CUTE

Yeah Keti!!!

This past weekend was Keti's graduation. Keti's family (Mom: Henieta, Sis: Sepa, Bro: JR, Cousin; Johnny, Wife: Lome, Lome's bro: Wilson, Auntie: Jlyn and her 4 yr old daughter Tatianna) all came to Colorado this past weekend for Keti's graduation. It was SOOOO much fun to have them all here! The graduation was awesome! Lome and Sepa made these AMAZING lei's for Keti. They were flower, candy and money lei's. It was amazing the work they did! We had all of the colorado fam and some of the cali fam all there to support! After the graduation we got together at our house and had a big celebration dinner. Keti's family cooked for us and let me just say that the food was DELICIOUS!!!! I could eat that all day! There was not one thing that was not to just die for! mmm mmm good!!! After dinner Dad announced to everyone that Art & Keti were going to sing a song for us! ha those sneaky guys, they had Wilson sing for them, and then they sang another song and even got Dad to sing along! It was a miracle haha! You would think that that was enough singing for one day right? WRONG!!! after all that fun, we did the Farley Family Tradition and went CAROLING!!! It was so much fun to share our tradition with our Cali family and make some new memories together!


Cousin, mom & Keti

Keti with all the Lei's that were made for him!

Our California Family!

Keti's Cali & CO Moms!

Papa, Keti & Dana

Sepa, Keti & Lome

The three wise men!

All ready to go caroling!

Talk about Stylin!

My lil' big brother Art ha!

Malia & Tatianna (she was ADORABLE)

So presten and a reindeer got into a fight and well...the reindeer lost hahah

Cute mom & dad!

I guess we just had too much fun cuz before we knew it the weekend had flown right by us and we were having to say goodbye to our Cali family. It was a very sad time for us. We were happy that Keti and Art were able to be back with their families but we were SUPER sad to see them go. The house is all empty and now Tanessa doesn't even know what to do with all this quietness haha It's ok they have said they are going to come back in October and we are SO excited! We are hoping the whole family comes back again. It was just too much fun with everyone here!

On Monday we had a dance team Christmas party here at the house. Not all of our dance team girls were able to make it but we had some delic dinner foods and some mouth watering desserts made by Emily Lavengood! it was a fun little get together! We did some white elephant gifts and were going to play some games but it started to snow and everyone had to start heading home. 

All the girls!

Some of my JV dance girls, Alexis, Kaylynne, me, Melissa & Staysha

Tuesday night....TIANNA CAME HOME!!!! Her flight got in at 11:00 PM but it was ok we were SOOO excited to see her! Most of us (except dad) were able to stay awake waiting for her. We were just grateful her flight came in on time and that she was home!

Ha dad fell asleep in the not so comfy chairs lol 

She made it home!!!

Deep Deep Deep down inside Presten was excited she was home too ha

Tonight (WED) we had an Adult Dinner. We went to Fiesta Mexicana with Dad's side. After Fiesta Mexicana we had a Just Dance Party at our house! Staysha, Jenna, Shane, Gabe, Seth, Jared and Dustrie all came over and joined in on the fun! It was too much fun! We got a good laugh outta everyones dance skills! Basically I just love Just Dance and wish that we could play it ALL the time! 

Annalee, Tianna & Jake

Oh by the way...I changed my hair color! Presten wanted me to go to my natural hair color so we are giving it a try ha


Aunt Eva & Uncle Rusty

Aunt Suzy & Uncle Tracy

Papa & Dana

Aunt Cindy & Uncle Pete

The whole fam!

Just Dance Party!

They were in it to win it!

We were extremely concentrated hah!

Well that is all that we have been up to. So many things to do and it just seems like everything is going by so fast that we can't keep up with everything, but we are trying to make time to enjoy the little things in life! We are loving all the many experiences that come our way and can't believe it's going to be 2012 so soon! Merry Christmas to everyone! We love you all!
The Dickinsons!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December Festivities!

So we have been busy busy busy! This week has been full of finals for Presten and full of fun for us and my family! Art and Keti (the two boys that are living with us...our poly brothers) are going to be leaving us soon. Keti graduates this next week and Art is finishing up his schooling in cali where he is from. They have been with us since like Aug and now having them leave is so sad for everyone! Every Thursday is Guys night! My dad, Pres, Art & Keti all go out and play Basketball at the church and then finish the night off with their traditional Burger King Hand-made shakes! Saturday mornings are football days and all the other days are just "lets laugh and have fun days!" None of us know what we are going to do without them! They have been a blessing to everyone in our family and Pres and my dad are wondering what they are going to do when they are gone! So to celebrate their leaving we have had some fun bonding time! Friday night we went to Mama's Boy for dinner. Yup i got invited to go on the men's night out and since i was the only girl, i was called manasha that night.

Yay for pizza!!!!

All of the food was DELIC! Pres and i had order a pizza and calzone and well...somehwere in the mix our order got lost so we waited an hour to eat and yeah...we had no food ha! so they had to make it togo for us but we had fun none the less!
After Pizza we headed to Burger King for their Chocolate Shakes! Talk about DELIC!!! it was a great way to end the night!

Art loves Presten can't you tell?! haha jk neither of them wanted their picture taken

While waiting for our shakes Art wanted to try to plank himself on the was quite entertaining to watch, especially when you get a great pic like this!

Today we had a nice but lazy day...We woke up this morning and headed over to Dana's to get Keti, Art and Presten their costumes for the Ward Party. Those 3 stellar boys were chosen to be the wise men! hahah and yes they looked GREAT!!! After Dana's we came home and Pres and I made a breakfast brunch for the boys and then cleaned the house and got ourselves ready for the party!

Aunt Suzy & Uncle Tracy

Tanessa & Staysha

Papa & Dana

They were SO excited to be Wise Men

Oh Keti!

Hello Rambo! hahah

The three Wise Men! woo hoo!

Aunt Suzy made their PERFECT crowns and Dana provided them with the costumes!

My sexy man!

We have had some super fun times this past week and have really enjoyed each others company! Hope everyone is doing SPLENDID and enjoying the Christmas Holidays! Love to all and take care!!!
We love you!