Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The 411 on our lives!

So where to begin? I'm trying this blogpost thing out so bare with me lol
As of July 1, 2011 Presten and I are now OFFICIALLY married! The wedding turned out to be everything we had ever asked for and it was all thanks to our friends and family! All of my family was able to attend and so was Presten's family. The reception was full of dancing, laughter, mingling and just pure bliss! After all the stress the day turned out to be PERFECT! here are a few pictures from the wedding day and the ring ceremony and reception the following day.

After the wonderful family gathering and celebration Presten and I headed to our Honeymoon. We went to the all famous VEGAS!!!! We had a blast! Presten had never been so we went shopping, explored the strip, went and saw Phantom of the Opera, and best of all....we went to the Vegas Temple. That temple was GORGEOUS! We had a wonderful time together and were SO bummed when it had to come to an end!

After the fun adventures had come to an end we had to get back into the swing of life. We have been house sitting since after our honeymoon and get to go and stay in our own lil' apartment this weekend. We are ready to be in our own place and finally get to move everything in and unpack gifts and make the apartment our own home :) This past weekend Presten's mom and dad and Punka and grandma invited us to their cabin in Pitkin for the weekend. It was a nice lil' getaway. Friday night we stayed in Gunnison because Bryten (Presten's youngest brother) had football practice. We went and watched him practice than afterwards we went to main street and checked out the Car Show. After the car show we went to sonic for some sweets and dinner and then headed home. While on the way home Bryten and Presten decided that they were a little gassy and just HAD to share it with everyone else in the car...boys! The next day Pres and I checked out a bigger selection of the car show and than headed to the cabin. Grandma and Punka had lunch waiting for us. Aunt Debbie and Uncle Steve joined us for dinner that evening. We roasted marshmallows and had some DELICIOUS smore's! While there Pres and Bryten taught me how to skip a rock, i skipped it like 3 times across the pond and it was a VERY exciting moment for me! Here is a video of Presten showin' off his legit skipping skills. Watch the video till the very end, there is an AWESOME treat at the end for you! hahah Well that's all the excitement in our lives for now! Until the next update...