Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Happenings!

Well it seems to be that I have been ignoring my blog for quite some time! How awful of me! Not much has been going on and maybe that's why I have ignored the blog cuz pres and I just aren't that exciting. The news I have is more about my family then Pres and I but it's still exciting! My older cousin Luke just got married yesterday to his sweetheart Tawny. Jennie Ray, his younger sister is getting married on Mar. 10 to her man Jared and then my dear dear friend Kaytie is getting married to her man Gavin on Mar. 23. We are going to be spending alot of time in Utah this month to celebrate all of the wonderful happenings! I am so excited for them and so glad to welcome them into the family!

Tawny & Luke

Jennie & Jared

Kaytie & Gavin

All extremely good looking couples! I am so happy for them! Well that's all that's new with us. I'll try to make sure we are more exciting next time so we have some fun stories to share!

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