Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life's Happenings

Wow, we have been so busy and I have def. neglected the blog. Here is the most recent update on our lives!
So the weekend after Jennie and Jared's wedding Pres my mom and I went back up to utah. My dear friend Kayte and Gavin had their wedding. Pres and I were really honored to be able to be there to support them. It was SO fun! they Got married in the SLC temple and had a ring ceremony later on followed by a reception. Needless to say everything was GORGEOUS!

Oh yea they JUMPED the BROOM!!! and the pic says it all, Kayte won! lol
Kayte and I

Pres and I at the Temple!

Getting Ready for the Jump!

Since we weren't able to attend the batting cages for Presten's bday we were able to hit them up this weekend! woo hoo! I even played! Pres def. won. Pres hit like 73 out of 75 and I hit like 3 out of 25. Hey at least I hit some right? lol

Pres playing Baseball at the batting cages! what a stud lol

Oh and forgot to mention that while waiting for Kayte and Gavin to exit the temple these guys came out of the temple looking like this! they dressed up as dumb and dumber. To each their own...

That same weekend my mom aunt and I had planned Jessica's baby shower for that weekend so it worked out SPLENDIDLY!!! My great Aunts, Aunt Sande, Aunt Pat and Aunt Barbara were all able to attend and everyone really enjoyed themselves. I made this SAWEEET tractor diaper cake for Jay. I thought it turned out pretty cute :)

My sis and I

Aunt Barbara, Me and Aunt Sande

Aunt Barbara, Tianna and Aunt Sande

Tianna and Tia

The cousins/sisters/sister-in-laws

Cousins & BFF's

the soon to be momma

Side view!

Auntie Missy!

My tractor diaper cake!

After the baby shower Tianna and Missy and Julie all went to the Festival of colors! Here is what they looked like about GROSSNESS!!!! hahah don't they just look delicious?! Yeah tianna said that some got in her eyes and then her eyes started to water and then they stained her cheeks. She showered and scrubbed and yet she was still stained! ha talk about HILARIOUS!

Since we have been home from Utah we have just been trying to keep up with our lives. We celebrated my bday! We ate dinner for my bday at Ken and Sues which was yummy and then went home and watched a movie together. Tianna was in town for my bday weekend which was way fun and we had a blast. 

 On Wed we went to the airport and said goodbye to one of our good friends Elder Giles. He was heading home from his mission. It's crazy cuz it felt like he just got here but now he is home. It was fun to be able to be there to say goodbye!
Elder Giles, My Dad, Me and my Mom

Oh and in between everything Pres and been wanting me to go more natural with my hair color and we all know that I haven't known and basically no ones knows my natural hair color and we haven't seen it in who knows HOW MANY YEARS! so I died my hair a brunette color.

Before and After

On April 13th...Landon Mitch Withers was born!!!! After some set backs and worries everything has worked out and Landon is at home with his mom and dad. How happy they look!

Landon Mitch Withers

Proud Daddy


I am SOOOO happy for them and so excited to be a great cousin! Congratulations to them. What an extremely happy couple they must be! 

Tues (yesterday) Presten left  for Wyoming for a month 1/2. I head out there in June. We will be there for the summer and pres will be working with Josh. I'm a lil' nervous about the month 1/2 distance but i'll have the fam so that's a plus.

That's the 411 on our life thus far. Until next time!