Monday, May 28, 2012

Final Desitnation...WYOMING!

The update on our life? ha so much to share! The first thing is that my mom signed her and I up for chaperoning my sister Tanessa's 8th grade camping trip. I told her I'd only go if we brought blow up air mattresses ha Well my mom said yes so I went lol We left Wed. morning and headed out to the camp site. When we got there we set up camp and oh my goodness it was INCREDIBLY windy!!!! It blew sand and dust into EVERYTHING! our tent was covered and oh my goodness it was just so gross and dirty and oh my! ha lets just say that by that first night when i took a wipey to my leg it came back BLACK hah ugh talk about grossness! :D The first night was lame cuz my blow up mattress deflated, so much for bringing it cuz i ended up on the ground anyway, not to mention the wind blew quite hard all night. I didn't get to bed til like 4 am and than had to wake up at 6:30 am good times camping! We were out there til Fri morning. After the first day it wasn't too bad and my Mom and I were able to enjoy ourselves. We had an AWESOME group. All of our kids were super helpful and we had a blast! For the skit night that everyone had to participate in our group decided to do "pick up lines"  and then after that we got everybody up and did a clip of the "wobble" dance and then a clip of the "cupid shuffle". Everyone loved it and got up and joined us! Needless to say our skit was the best lol So there were 3 guys in our group and each guy walked onto the stage with 2 girls. We were short 1 girl so I had to be in the line up. Pick up Lines as follows ha
1. Hey, can I take your picture so I can show Santa Clause what I want for Christmas? (this one was used on Tanessa) too funny
2. Are you from Tennessee; cuz you're the only 10 I see (that was used on Jenna)
3. Hey let's count shoulders, 1,2,3,4 (puts arm around the other girls shoulder)
4. Hey I can tell you're fortune (grabs palm) here is your life line, your laugh line and your loooovvvveee line (grabs the girls hand laced ha)
5. If you were writing you would be what they call fine print
6. Hey look a shooting star (points to the sky and puts arm around the girl) (the kid lucas used this on me). All the kids and teachers laughed and it was way fun. We had a blast and I was glad that the kids enjoyed themselves. It was funny too cuz our camp site ended up being the COOL place to chill. EVERYONE was always over there. There were tons of kids, so many that they took all of our chairs and our kids were like what? hahah So many kids kept telling us that they wished that they were in our group. What can I say, my mom and I pretty much rock! jk it was really our kids that were awesome and that's why everyone kept coming over to chill with them ha well anyways here are some pics from the trip :)   

The kids hiking up to a tall cliff

View from the cliff

Tanessa and Jenna trying to clean each other's faces w/out a mirror

Tanessa's friend Garrett trying to braid her hair

More like a dreadlock braid lol

It turned out good ha

Tanessa and I

Tanessa, Mom and I. The girls informed us that our smiles are all the same lol

They were so dirty they had to wash their fee lol

Our group!

Group hug! haha Last day

We got home from the camp out friday morning. We spent the rest of day cleaning and putting everything away. We had to blow out and wash EVERYTHING it was so dirty and dusty! After that I spent the rest of the evening packing and getting the twins packed to leave on Saturday. After all of that we were so tired and did not wanna cook so we decided to go out for dinner ha! we went to mongolian grill and it was DELICIOUS especially after having all that dusty camp food ha! Here we are ready for dinner

We DID NOT plan this ha! We all came into moms room and saw that we were all sporting the white shirts and all had our hair straight with our bangs poofed to the side. It's almost like we all look related ha! And dad was in his good lookin' black was like family pics or something haha

Here is our first attempt. Mom was makin' some kissy face lol in reality she was talking but the camera snapped at like the perfect spot ha

So after that came Saturday. Saturday morning I took Lily and Sophie and we made our 6 hour venture to Orem. The car ride wasn't too bad except for the fact that they whined the first hour we got on the road about how bored they were ha after a while they realized that I didn't have anything for them so they started playing games with each other and took a nap and what not, after that they were really good and the rest of the trip went pretty dang well. When we got around the corner and they saw their car they started yelling that was their car then they saw their house and they let out a HUGE scream! They were SOOO excited to finally be home ha They got home and bryan and mack were so excited to see them too. I gave them a bath and did their hair and told them goodnight and goodbye. They left on Sunday to go to California to pick up their mom, my Aunt Katrina. And I left at like 5am on Sunday and made my 8 hour trip to wyoming. Let me tell you, that was the LONGEST drive of my life! There is absolutely NO scenery! gosh it killed me. You wanna talk about being bored, that was boring! it was the same thing the whole way. Like nothing changed and man it was insane ha! i was SO happy when I finally made it! I think Pres was excited to see me and I was glad to finally be here. So the deal was that he was supposed to find a place for us to stay. guess where we are staying...In Kristin's 2 bedroom townhouse ha! We have Taylin sleeping on a bed on the floor in the living room, Jordan is in a play pin in Josh and Kristin's room, They took the bunk bed out of Taylin's room and put a hideaway bed/couch in the room that Pres and I are staying in. They moved the bunk bed to the garage that is where Trenten and Kit are staying. Yup they have 8 ppl living here for now. All I can say is that we will be making some dang good memories ha 

Here are the cute girls that were my road trip buddies for 6 hrs of my trip :)
Lily and Sophie!

Here is the sunrise i saw while driving

Here is an idea of the wyoming drive. This was at the top of a "HILL" haha there was NOTHING for miles!

Here is the living room/Taylin's current sleeping spot

The garage

Trenten & Kit's bedroom

Pres and I's room

The closet in our room

The bathroom that Trenten, Kit, Presten and I are all sharing. I know you all are jealous; I'm sure you wish you were sharing a bathroom with 3 guys too ha! Well here is a piece of the life Pres and I will be living this summer. Well that's our life for now! Hope everyone else is doing AMAZING! Until Next time!