Friday, July 6, 2012

1 Yr Anniversary & Happy 4th!!!

Where does the time go?! So before I start out on filling everyone in about our life I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin Adam and his fiancee, my soon to be new cousin Laura! Adam proposed on July 4th in Tennessee and Laura said YES!!!! I'm SO beyond excited for them and so happy to welcome Laura into the family! Here's some pics of the cute couple!

Laura & Adam

Alright So...Presten and I have been married for 1 entire year!!! Can you believe it?! It feels like a month ago I was stressing over displays, and music, my dress etc! And now a WHOLE year has gone by! ha Crazy how fast the time goes! So for our 1 year anniversary we stayed in Wyoming and just did something small. We left Friday (June 30th) after Presten got home from work and drove to Thermopolis, Wy. It's home of the worlds largest mineral hot springs. We celebrated our Anniversary on Saturday since we had to go back to Buffalo on Sunday. Sat we woke up and went to the hot springs. It's very interesting as far as the set up goes. They have 3 different pools that are all filled up with the mineral water. They created slides and hot tubs and steam showers and what not with the water so that was cool. The nice thing was that you paid a 1 time entrance fee got a stamp on your hand and you could come and go all day as you pleased. Pres and I went on the Big Splash which is a 500ft water slide! it was SO fun! and yes presten actually went! ha the water felt like cool bath water which was SO nice! so we spent our morning there, then went out for lunch at A&W and then headed to a dinosaur museum. It was AWESOME!!!! it's rated #1 in the nation! I would have to agree. It takes you from the very beginning with the plant life and water life and then goes through how the animals began to morph as far as their fins turning into fingers and toes and all that stuff. They also had ALOT of complete dinosaur sets. usually those museums just have like 1 big skeleton set but this one had TONS. they had a long neck and t-rex and many more. Pres was going around and trying to find all the animals from the movie The Land Before Time hahah. After that we went back to the hot springs and finished up the night there. Sunday we packed up and checked out and made our way back to buffalo, and thus ended our lil' weekend trip! ha here are some pics!

I got him 2 hats (2 of his fav teams...Red (washington Nationals) and Black (Miami Marlens) I also made him a picture slideshow of our dating time together and our 1 year of marriage!
Oh and got him his 2 fav. candies :D

Pres and I

Eating at A&W...he was so excited his pic was being taken!

To order you had to pick up the phone and press a button at the booth and wait for them to answer you back...hahah way old school!

Spiders and bugs at the dinosaur museum...If i found a bug this big i think i would die!

The original Jelly fish that exsisted...they were weird looking ha

This was a sharks tooth that came from what they called a Giant shark when the dinosaurs were around

The is the explanation of the Giant Shark

And this is the tooth from a great white shark that is similar to the ones that exist today..can you imagine how big that Giant shark must have been?!

creepy fish things ha

Dinosaur eggs

This is a RIB bone from a long neck! it's HUGE (the long neck is behind me)

Presten and his new "Pet" he informed me he wanted a pet dinosaur that size cuz he'd be cute haah


You can't really see him but the dinosaur in the middle is the long neck. He covered the ENTIRE room from head to tail!

Pres with some of the long neck

Pres at the pool

Oh haha so our non-smoking room we reserved smelled TERRIBLY of smoke! so we went to the store and bought all this to help take the smell away...haha it helped thats for sure! lol 

Happy 1 Year to my Amazing Man!!!!

We got bored one night and all went out to play some mini golf! Kit dominated with Pres coming in 2nd and Kristin and I tied for 3rd haha What a fun night!
Bro and Sis! CUTE


Jordan & Tay

Jordan riding a scooter!

Happy 4th of JULY!!!! So last year as some of you may know, Presten and I were in Vegas and didn't get to see ANY fireworks! the biggest bummer ever! So this year getting to watch a fire work show was a TREAT!!!! Not to mention it was a good one! So that morning Kit and Pres had to work till about 11ish. While they worked Kristin and I did our workout and then got ready to head to the pool. We spent the afternoon at the pool with the kids and then came home for Jordan's nap. That evening we went to Big Horn and parked our cars and got ready for the firework show that started at 10pm. There were food vendors and they had a live band. People had set up volley ball and were playing cards and all sorts of fun stuff. We should have been more prepared because we didn't get to bring all that fun stuff but we still had fun! The fireworks show was choreographed to music and it was AWESOME! We had such a fun time! So it took us about 15 min to get into the show and took us like an hour to get out! talk about TRAFFIC! By the time we got home it was like midnight and I had to laugh because Presten was SO tired! I looked at him and asked, "how is it that when we were dating and in college we could stay up til like 4AM and then wake up at like 6/7AM for work and school and now we can't even make it past 11pm?!" His response...the typical Presten, "I don't know" hahah but really it makes you think huh? ha
Tay & Jord

Elephant Ears...they are fried bread with sugar and cinnamon and mmmm delic!

Those are presten's hands...look at how HUGE those things are ha! they were so good tho!

I was blinding them with the flash on the camera haha

WE had fun Playing with the glow sticks lol

Hope everyone else's 4th of July was SPECTACULAR!!!!!

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  1. Natasha and Pres... You two have had a wonderful first year! The joy you share through pictures and your joyful descriptions is contagious... Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us who love you!

    Love and Light,
    Auntie Lynne