Thursday, July 19, 2012


Time Flies when you're having fun! On Monday night after the guys came home from work we had Navajo Tacos for dinner with reese's brownies for about YUM!!! Pres and I made the Navajo Tacos and Trent and Kit made the brownies. Afterwards we got to watch the COOLEST thunder and lightning storm! it was like a show! The lightning was so bright and it would light up the WHOLE sky! The rain sounded amazing and the thunder was so loud you could feel it in your body! Talk about AWESOME!!! We def. made the best of the evening had some legit FUN while doing so!

Kit felt that the blanket would protect him from the Thunder...It did. He's still alive ;)

Trent So excited that he has his Mummy Bag!

This one just makes me smile!

Check out the rain! is this like not the coolest shot? I was excited I got it ha

Trent creepin'


So after a little bit I talked the boys into dancing in the rain with me!And they actually did it, they Rock! It was SO much fun, we ran up and down the street, and leaped and jumped in puddles and all sorts of stuff! We were Soaking wet by the time we went inside but oh my it was a BLAST! 

The 4 of us in the rain...kinda blurry cuz the rain got on the lens but oh well we are in the pic lol

Even Presten came out and joined us! What a man! haha

Tuesday the boys didn't have to work so we decided we would take that day and go 2 1/2 hrs to Billings, Mt. Presten and I went to the temple and did a session while the guys hung out for a little bit. The temple was GORGEOUS and it was SO nice to go! Talk about a spiritual experience too. It makes me wish I could go to the temple every day, after you come out it just seems like the whole rest of your day seems to be that much better! When you're there it's like nothing else in the world matters and you are calm and feel the most amazing amount of peace! I LOVE IT!!!

Us outside the temple

Trent and Kit took the prius while we were in the temple and needless to say I think they are hooked now! ha

Those smiles just scream "I want a prius" hahaha

Trent and Kit

Outside the Billings, MT Temple!

Ha and this is what happens when you change in the parking get caught on camera! hahah My fav is the face he is making haha too funny!

After The temple we went to Fuddruckers for lunch and then went to do some shopping. At Fuddruckers they have a 1lb meat challenge. You don't get anything if you complete it it's just a challenge to have one I guess ha so Trent and Kit decided to be the suckers that gave in lol
This was Presten's 2nd time eating here

Kit's Very 1st

and Trent's 2nd!

Waiting for the food!

So here is Trent's burger

Here is Kit's


After all the toppings and bread and all that jazz, the burger ends up being 2lbs! Massive food intake!

Dig in boys!

Pres eating his 1/2lb burger, he wasn't feeling up to the challenge and feeling sick the rest of the day haha

Yes you guessed it! Trent finished the entire burger!

So did kit! Although both of them looked like they have had a lil' too much food after 

Oh and the after math of the eating all that? Trent said he wanted to be rushed to the hostipal

While kit said he was never leaving this bed hahah 
YOLO (you only live once) right? :)

While out shopping Trent and Pres found some swim suits lol
Don't worry, I didn't let them buy them ha

They have a new obsession with leather jackets now...they look good tho!

All he is missing are some aviators!

On the way back to Buffalo we saw a rainbow!

Here's the other end of the rainbow! It was exciting to see one! I haven't seen one in like forever so I got pretty stoked!

We seemed to have worn them out a lil'...they slept like the whole way home haha poor boys!

 When we got home we changed and headed out to the park for some sweet night time fun!
Trent showin' us his GUNS!

Chillin' at the park!

The boys long boarding!

My turn to long board! woop woop!

Presten Carvin' it up! go Pres

Trent had a fight with the stump...the stump won haha good times!

Captain Kit

 Yesterday after the boys got home from work we had dinner and then headed to a place called the Carousel for Ice Cream and a game of Miniature Golf!
Kristin & Jordan

Eating Ice Cream

look at that chocolate covered face!

Huckelberry Shakes!

After the ice cream we played Miniature Golf. I'm sure it's not a surprise that me and golf really aren't all that great of friends and I'm not the best golfer ha But I was having fun. We got to like hole 15 and it's like the HARDEST hole! It's on a little hill and so if you don't hit it just right it will roll off and the last time I played I got 18 hits on that hole so I wasn't too stoked for it! ha There was a group of like 10 ppl ahead of us that were kind enough to let us go since there were only 4 of us. So I went first and there was a guy from the other group standing next to me and said, "looks like a hole in 1" I laughed and said, ya I wish, and then guess what....IT WAS A HOLE IN 1!!!! It was remarkable! I was SO excited! I started jumping around and doing the happy dance and screaming and I turned around looking for Pres, Trent and Kit...and not ONE of them was there....I just saw a bunch of faces from the other group and then I started to feel lame and slowly start to stop what I was doing but then one of the girls said no I saw it, it was amazing keep cheering!! and then they cheered with me so I kept cheering! ha We then became friends, yup! Trent said, "so i guess if we wanna make friends a good ice breaker is just to scream?" hahaha basically ya! It was way fun tho! I had a blast! So the rest of this week I will spend packing and getting everything together to leave to head back to Durango on Monday. Crazy how fast the summer is going! I can't believe it! Well that's all the fun stories I have for now! Until Next time!

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