Monday, August 20, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

So, since having been back from Wyoming we have been quite busy! I arrived home a week before Presten and got the house all cleaned and ready for him to come home! That Friday my dad came home and surprised Tianna, my mom and I (Tanessa was at a Young Men and Young Women Activity). He told us to get dressed and grab some games because we were going to the Bar-D! Let me just say that Tianna and I were like SUPER stoked! We had not been to the Bar-D in AGES! So to be able to go was a huge treat! 
Mom and Dad standing in line talking with their new friends!

Tianna and I...don't we look so much like each other? hahh jk

He loves her can't you tell?

Love my cute parents!

It was REALLY hard for her to turn! ha

While waiting in line it began to rain! Tianna and I gave the camera to my dad to take a quick pic of us in the rain, well the quick pic turned into him enjoying seeing us get wet so it took longer than expected! ha Leave it to Dad!

He loves his girls!

She is our special lil' friend hahah

Love my MOMMA!

Don't you love their fighting faces?! totally epic pic right here!

The Bar-D Gang!

I loved that he had a lil' cowboy boot on the bottom of his bass and just had to take a pic! ha needless to say it was such a fun night! 
The next day was Saturday and we had the wonderful opportunity of going to the temple with the Blake Family. Can I just say what an amazing day that was for us! It was so neat to see everyone there to support Jared and to see all the happy smiling faces! It is def. a day worth remembering!!!
On Tuesday the boys had their last softball game. They had a potential of playing 3 games in a row and the games were supposed to start at 6:10pm. Well there was lots of rain and lightning so they games didn't start til 7:10pm. They guys won their first one, which put them in the running for 2nd place. So they played a 2nd game won that and then their last game (the 3rd game) was to determine who went home being the champions...Well you guessed it! WE DID!!!! they got 1st place and won the championship! Here's the whole team! So proud of them!!!!

Tianna and Jared after the big win!

The rest of that week couldn't go by fast enough! Finally Friday came and Presten came home! Jared was leaving for his mission and Pres wanted to come home and say goodbye for 2 years. On saturday we all went to the lake as one final hoorah for Jared! Tianna and Tanessa did some wakeboarding, I attempted some surfing and of course the Blake boys just showed us all up! ha here are some pics from the day!

Don't they look so stoked?!

Me and the hubs!

Steven and Koleman

My cute sistas!

Stew was SO excited to have Presten home...can't you tell?! ;)

Janell and Jared! love this pic!

Jared doing one of his awesome flips!

Koleman surfing...he's pretty much pro!

ha sorry but i just had to put this up! Tanessa's face looking at that wake is just priceless!!!

Love this pic of Brad and Janelle


Tanessa on the wakeboard

Tianna out showing off her stuff

Below are some videos of Tianna jumping the wake and Jared doing a flip!

We all had such a blast out on the lake. I just love the water so much. I wish I could spend every day out there! After the lake day we were on our way home and Presten really wanted to see the new Batman movie. So we called and checked show times and there was one playing in like 5 min. so we headed over to the movie in our lake gear ha! it was a fun spontaneous day! After getting home Pres and I got bored so we decided to play some bowling! We used our house hold appliance cans like hairspray, febreeze, mouse, glass cleaner etc. Presten won of course but i tried! ha it was way fun tho! So if you ever are bored you can always go bowling in your back yard! lol 

That same night Jared came to take Tianna on their last date for 2 years! Crazy to think about. 

Here they are! they love that i take so many pics of them, can't you tell? haha

So this past weekend was a 4 stake youth dance. My Mom and Dad and Aunt Suzy and Uncle Tracy are normally in charge of the music and dancing. Well my mom had to go to Grand Junction for some Coach Testing for the high school and she asked me to fill in for her. My Aunt Suzy and Uncle Tracy took care of the music and I had to kind of run the show. I was a lil' nervous but it turned out to be good and I think the kids had a ton of fun. We had about 250 kids show up which, for durango area, is AMAZING!!!! It was a fun lil' shin-dig. 

Pres rockin' the zebra scarf!

Tanessa...the baby of the fam!

The young men actually got my dad out there to dance for the YMCA, which is like a miracle because my dad like NEVER gets out there! He is in the plaid shirt. 

I couldn't get all the kids but here is the left half

Here is the right half!

Well Presten left for Gunnison on Sunday. He is spending the week there with his family. Him and his brothers are all remodeling his parents bathroom. Josh and Kristin came down for the week and he went up to help him. I had to stay behind due to dance. So a week alone again ha this summer has been a lot of Presten and I apart. I'm looking forward to the winter so that we can actually be together for longer than a month or two lol Well that's all for now! Hope you all are doing wonderful!
We Love You!!!