Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Spontaneous FUN!!!

Life has been full of spontaneous fun! Last Monday night after dance team pictures Presten and I went out on a picnic. We went to the same place that he took me while we were dating. Over by the river near the fire station. It was such a nice evening. We had chicken taco salads with apple juice and then after we ate until we had major food babies we just laid there and talked for like a good hour. It was so fun and free! Gotta love the free ;) After that we went to Wal*Mart and went school shopping for some of his school supplies.

I'm random I know....

So...This past weekend my cousin Mack got baptized!!!! We all went up there together (Dad, Mom, Tanessa, Presten and I...Tianna had to work, bummer) So we got there friday night and got to meet up with my Farley Cousins! So we met up with them at Cafe Rio in orem that night and had a BLAST!!!! Jennie was there and Jared came over after he got off work, and Jennie has such a cute prego belly! And Yes I did rub the belly ha! Adam and Laura were there so we got to meet Laura which was exciting, she's a sweetie! Matt and Lori were there with baby Teyla! too cute! she is darling! and Luke flew in from Tennessee to help Matt drive the other car to Tennessee. Katelin & Casey were able to come as well! It was a family shabang! Best way to party!

Blurry (with couples separated)

Not blurry with couples together! ha

Ok I'm like super lame and was supposed to take more pics from the weekend but I failed so I hope you're ok with the pics I did get...ha! Aunt mori and the girls flew in for Mack's baptism so it was SO fun to see them! Ha oh and Aunt Mori made Presten BLUSH!!!! I don't remember what he said but she went over and sat on his lap and his face turned bright red! It was TOOO funny! It even helped that they were wearing matching colors lol So Saturday was the baptism. All the cousins sang I Am A Child of God and Aunt Katrina and Miranda gave the talks. They were AWESOME! They both did such a great job! After the baptism we all went back to Aunt Katrina and Uncle Bryan's for a BBQ and it was a blast! That night guess who came down to see me?! KIM!!!! I was SO excited to see her! And yes I'm lame and didn't even get a pic with her. Boo!!!! But she stayed til like 10pm it was SO nice to see her! I miss that girl! After that we stayed up with everyone and talked until we were too tired to talk and then we all went to bed. Mom and Dad took Aunt Mori and the girls to the airport Sunday morning and Presten, Tanessa and I went to church and then cleaned the house after sunday school for Aunt Katrina and Uncle Bryan and then we headed home. Presten had school the next day and the rest of us relaxed and enjoyed our labor day!

Hahah don't you love their matching colored shirts?

And his bright red face haha

Pres with Aunt Amy's lil' boy Dillon!

The cousins singing 

Lily and Pres

Too Cute!

Me and Mack

Jared and Jennie

Labor Day evening we went to the mall and did some labor day shopping and then met up with the Smith Family at our traditional park place behind applebee's. We had SO much fun! We had Thai food for dinner and then topped off with ice cream from Baskin Robbins! Here are some pics from the Park!!!!

Dad at the river with all the kids

Parley and Dad

Abigail and Camilla

Your siblings! Aren't they so cute?!

I'm so photogenic don't you think ;)

The whole gang!

Parley with his bday hat! haha

Camilla wanted one too!

They LOVED their ice cream!

Presten even joined the fun hahah 

Well that's all the fun for now! Hope you guys enjoyed! Until next time! 

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