Monday, October 8, 2012

October Already?!

So I will start with this week and then work my way backwards! hope that sounds ok. So this week we had a surprise visit from none other than....Tio Oscar, Tia Sonia, Kristian and Joshua!They drove all day Fri and got here Early Sat morning! They had to leave today (it was a short trip) but they kept saying they needed it ha! Dad, Uncle Tracy and Presten took all the boys out riding up in La Plata Canyon. Tia went and took a nap, and the rest of us worked out, danced and then mom decorated the house for Halloween! After that all the adults went out that night for dinner and got pizza and a movie for the other kids, staysha, tanessa, shane, josh and kris. Tianna had to work so she didn't get to join which was a bummer. We went to Edgewater Grill in the Double Tree Hotel. The food was good, but we weren't all that keen on the price. Prob not one of our more fav. places to eat. After that we went home and visited for a little bit and then headed off to bed. On Sunday we woke up and watched General Conference which was AMAZING! After conference we had ribs for dinner with my dad's roasted potatoes and then we had cookie sundaes later for dessert. We played cranium together (Aunt Suzy and I won lol) and then we watched a movie and then all headed off to bed. This morning they woke up, got all ready and headed out. We were bummed to see them go but so glad that they got to come even if it was just a short trip!  Here are a few pics of the weekend!

Tio went and told the server (without anyone knowing) that it was dad's birthday so he got a free desser! haha

Dad and his silly faces!

The bday  boy!!!

Mom and Tia Sonia

Tio Oscar & Uncle Tracy

Aunt Suzy and Pres

Beloved Larios Family

 So last week Presten and I headed up to Gunnison to watch Bryten play some football. It was their homecoming game, and well the coach was lame and NEVER played Bryt. Not even once! It was fun though, we got to spend time with his fam and enjoy the game none the less. Although they did lose the game which was a bummer. Here are some pics from our trip up there.

Some of the fall colors

Watching the Gunnison High Football Game

The boys playing catch

Pres and his Dad

Mom and Dad

Pres and his awesome faces haha

This is me getting bored and taking pics of random things lol 

Grandpa and Dad Dickinson getting the BBQ cooked for us

The boys with their dad

I dunno why but i Love this shot haha

Here are some random pics I found. Pres and I at a football game at Durango High

Makena, Shea and I out for a Girls Night out. We went to Chimayo which was DELIC, laughed too hard and had such a great time! Def. looking forward to the next girls night out!

So as some of you have known one of my best friends Kim Montoya has left to serve a mission in Guatemala. She is currently in the MTC. I am s proud of her and the path that she has taken! I miss her like crazy but so happy that she is where she needs to be! Anyone who knows my dear friend Kim Montoya and wants to write her letters in the MTC her address is below!
Sister Kimberlie Jaie Montoya
MTC Mailbox # 239 GUA-GUAN 1204
2005 N 900 E Provo, UT

Sorry this post is so random and all over the place, I'll try to make my next one a lil' more organized lol

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