Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas In Gunnison...Dec 16th 2012

Sunday December 16th, I was upstairs in the living room visiting with my family. I had been writing in my journal and then my brother and Dad had woken up so we sat around visiting before getting ready for church. Presten was super tired and so he was downstairs sleeping in. Unknown to anyone I had just found out that day that I was pregnant. I was trying to think of ways to tell Presten, and to tell the family and how excited I was. Presten came up the stairs and he had this look on his face. I looked at him and he said, "My mom just called and my dad passed away this morning." Presten's dad had passed away after a long battle with diabetes. I was speechless. I got up from the couch and went over and hugged him. Immediately we went into action. We packed up as quick was we could, gathered everything we were going to need for Christmas. We said goodbye to my family and got in the car and headed to Gunnison. The trip there was a hard, quiet and long one. I struggled with the idea that he was really gone. This year ALL of the kids were going to be together and since his Dad's health had been going downhill rapidly since we got married, the siblings all decided that we would make this Christmas super special. This was Mike's favorite time of the year and he was so looking forward to having everyone together and all the fun we were to have. He had so many fun things planned! All the kids decided to write him each a letter for him to open on Christmas Day, and my SIL (Sister In Law) Kristin, created a wonderful book for him. We had all worked so long and hard, and had all these amazing ideas of what Christmas would be like, only to have found out that we lost him 10 days before Christmas. It seemed unfair, I admit I doubted and was a little upset, why couldn't we have just had him for Christmas? Couldn't Heavenly Father have waited 10 days before taking him, couldn't we have had one last Christmas with him to celebrate and remember him? The hardest part, was that none of the kids got to say goodbye. No one got to speak with him, talk to him, tell them what they wanted to tell him, and I think that was what was the hardest part of all, not being able to say "I Love You" one last time, or to say goodbye. My exciting news of being pregnant became more of sad news for me as I realized that our baby would never know their grandpa, at least here on earth. As I thought more about the precious gift I was given to be pregnant my upset and sad thoughts started to change. I felt remorse for being angry and questioning Heavenly Father, and started to be grateful for knowledge and understanding we had been blessed with. Knowing that we would be reunited with him once again and that families are forever. I had a feeling of peace overcome me and the thought crossed my mind that our baby already knew and loved his Grandpa and that his Grandpa was watching over us.

We arrived in Gunnison and it was a very tough time for the family. We had so much to do before his funeral service on that Saturday the 22nd, so we had to put everyone to work and try to get things together. It was tough, but it was a little nice to have things to keep us busy. There was so much love and support from the community and church members towards the family. The family was super grateful for all that everyone did for us. At a time of hardship, we were watched over and taken care of.
Before we knew it Saturday arrived and we had to say our last goodbyes. I am grateful that he doesn't have to live every day in constant pain, but it is still so hard to have to say goodbye, especially to someone who still had so much to live for.  He really was so amazing for Heavenly Father to have needed him this badly. The one thing that's so comforting is to know that he is in a better place and that we will all be able to see him again. The service was beautiful. There were some amazing talks given. Presten and Kristin both gave such great and heart touching talks. Here are the pics from the funeral.

After the funeral we all went home to relax, and Josh had a surprise up his sleeve for the boys!

Kristin had mom open her gift first. She gave mom the gift that she had made for dad. 

It was a beautiful book, and a hard moment for us all. It was definitely a hard and emotional day for all of us. 

Next, Josh gave the boys their gifts....
They opened up their gifts and Josh had got the boys Broncos jersey's....AND tickets for them to go see the Broncos game the next day! How awesome was that?!

Look at those grins!

So their seats were 5 rows from the field. They got SPOILED!

The boys got pictures taken with the broncos cheerleaders. The blonde is actually my friend Tristan Dear. Her and I grew up together and have danced together for years! I was so happy to see that they got to see her! It was the coolest thing!

The boys had a blast and had all sorts of stories to share when they got home! I'm sure they are forever grateful to Josh for the amazing surprise and such a wonderful day for them to spend together! For it being a hard month it was wonderful to be able to spend time with family and enjoy the holiday together!

Presten's awesome Christmas drawing on cardboard. He's so pro lol 

Jordan! He's such a ham! too cute!

Pretty soon Christmas Day Came. Santa had come to visit and brought us all some super fun things! 

Josh and Kristin had a BIG surprise to share with everyone Christmas Morning!

They are expecting baby #3 in June! 2 months before me! 2 sweet babies coming into our family! How exciting is that?!

Presten and I got sleds for everyone so we could all go sledding together! We did, and it was a BLAST!!!!!!! 

Jordan was all tuckered out!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Christmas Lights?!

After Christmas I decided to tell Presten the news I had been keeping a secret for 2 weeks. I didn't do anything extravagant, just told him in the car ha I didn't have time to come up with something, and after the ups and downs we experienced this Christmas, I felt like a simple precious moment between the two of us was what we needed ha He was very excited, and we are both looking forward to what the future holds in store for us and this sweet baby on it's way.
Merry Christmas!!!!!

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