Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well it seems that I may have missed a post! Looks like these are some of our activities from when we were in Wyoming...
Here are the adventures of the week! Trent and Kit were gone to Gunnison so Josh, Kristin the Kids and Pres and I headed up to Crazy Woman Canyon! haha ya that's the name of the canyon funny huh? Well it was BEAUTIFUL! so many gorgeous things to see!

Huge rocks create the canyon on either side...the pics just don't do it justice

Where i'm standing it drops straight off and leads to a river

The river

Pres is king of the rock!

Kristin, Josh, Taylin

Haha He was pretending to run and jump of the rock...

Well he moved to close to the edge and ended up having to really jump. It was a lot higher than he thought lol

So after there we went and found a camp ground and were BBQing some burgers and hot dogs. We got all unpacked and everything and realized...WE didn't bring ANYTHING to start a fire! ha so we tried sticking paper in the gas tanks but they were too deep and we tried the whole stone and flint and nope nothing! so pres and i had to walk around and find a camp site that could let us borrow a lighter....well we found a camp site and they were All smokers! haha so every one of them had a lighter to spare haha! we only needed one but they were way sweet and we got our fire lit!

Pres dropped his hot dog on the ground and this is a pic of him cleaning it off with an ice cube haha go him! i would have thrown it away lol

Josh, Kris me and Pres

So this past week was rodeo week in Sheridan, Wy. Kristin and josh and the kids left to Utah for a funeral so it's just been Pres, Trent and I and Kit got back yesterday from Gunnison. So we tried to have some fun. We tried to go to the rodeo but when i got online to purchase tickets All 3 nights were completely SOLD OUT! can you believe that? we were totally surprised. So we missed that but we walked around the carnival but it was kinda lame and at 9pm at night it was 95 degrees! SO hot! it like never cools down here weird!

Ha a pic of pres and trents hands after a day of work. This isn't as bad as they can get lol

At the Carnival!

Walking main looking for FOOD!

oooh! there was an actual Polo game that we got to watch! We were quite excited about that but after being there...it wasn't as fun as the movies make them out to be. No one really knew what was going on and there wasn't much action haha but it was a fun experience. I guess they have a HUGE polo club here. They did good and it was fun to see the professionals at work. After the professionals played they have what they call a Cowboy Polo Game. How that works is uh very Different! ha so all the cowboys have brooms instead of the polo sticks and their ball is like a huge kickball. All the cowboys are on their horses and when the horn blows they have to all down a cup of beer before anyone can touch the ball. So if you're the first one to chug your cup then you get to be the first to hit the ball and try to score before anyone else finishes their cup. haha it was def. a new twist on the polo game. It was funny to watch them though because they had no idea what was going on! Here are some pics

Trent and Pres enjoying the game ha

After a while the boys when to go play baseball while I finished watching the polo game lol Good times!

Well, that was all from that post! ha This all took place in the month of July. 

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