Sunday, March 11, 2012


Soooo....where to begin! As always i have more pics then I do stuff to say but as they always say pictures say it all right? or i could be wrong but in this case these pics say it all ha!
This past Wed. Pres and I headed up to Utah For Jennie's wedding. We woke up super early and got there about 10AM. We got a lot of our errands and shopping done that day, like eating at (In-N-Out, getting a dress for the wedding etc.) and then that evening I went with Aunt Eva, Lori and Jennie to go temple clothes shopping for her. It was such a neat experience to be there with them! Loved it! The next day (Thursday was Presten's Bday!!! he is the big 25! What an old man haha Well I wanted to make it special for him so I got 2 cards for him and gave one to him when we woke up. He got a bag of DELICIOUS (and his fav) candy with each card. The 2nd bag and card were going to be given to him at lunch but um lily found it and just HAD to give it to him ha so i let her. I took him out to brunch at Ihop and then had an AWESOME surprised planned! I had searched everywhere to find a place and finally found one that said they were open. I took him to Boondocks to do............THE BATTING CAGES!!!! Oh i was so so so excited! He was surprised and stoked and then our dreams came crashing down when i went to stand in line and found a sign that said, "sorry for the inconvenience but the batting cages are closed today" I was so disappointed! So then i decided ok we will go jean shopping for him. Well after like 8 stores and several hours later we walked away with NOTHING! ugh! i was ready to throw in the towel for sure! but the night ended up being great! we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and finished off the night attending the Temple at Mt. Timpanogos for Jennie's Endowments. Talk about a wonderful way to top off a not so good day! ha Thursday night mom and dad got in so Friday we spent the day shopping, and when i say the day i mean the DAY! We left at like 10am and then came back to the house around like 2 to drop of dad and pres and then went back out again with Tanessa and Jenna and didn't come back until like 9. Whew what a day! 

Lily and the bday boy!

Ready to leave for Ihop

Before our dreams were crushed!

Us at the temple after the endowments

Mt. Timpanogos!

Tianna and I found the Perfect outfit for him while out shopping!

I'm thinkin' quite the sexy model huh? ha he was thinking he should be one of the dancers off chitty chitty bang bang! hahah

hahah Anyways....we all went to bed to get our rest for Jennie's big day. Pres and I woke up at 3:40AM and headed to Kaysville, Utah. I did Jennie's hair and makeup for the big day. Oh She looked BEAUTIFUL! everything worked out wonderfully! after we got her ready and off to the temple we got ready and joined them for the sealing. After the sealing we did pictures outside then headed to a luncheon at the Wight House in Bountiful. After that was the reception with lots of visiting and the cake cutting and then a lil' bit of dancing! It was so much fun! In my opinion their day could not have gone any more smoothly! Everything was wonderful! We are so happy for them and so glad Jennie found such a great guy to add to the family! ha He reminds me of our cousin Jessica's husband Mitch. No joke they are like one in the same! 

The happy newlyweds!


Pres, Luke and I

Dana and Justin

Ha they like to grab their butts lol

None of them would smile at me so i took a pic of their backsides...

Then they came to their senses and turned about but this was all i got. Silly men!

Papa and Rusty

Mom & Aunt Katrina

Aunt Suzy & Uncle Tracy

Mom and Dad

We made some new friends...Katelyn and Casey

Luke, Tawny and Annalee

Luke and his wife Tawny

Sophie and Mack and some random baby ha

Mr. & Mrs. Masterson

Jennie, Aunt Eva and Uncle Rusty

Haha oh this was funny! they wanted to see her boquet so Jennie let sophie look at it and she got this lil' devilish look on her face and ran away with it and told her mom that Jennie gave it to her and it was now hers! hahah i was laughing!

Sexy/Sassy sister

Tianna and I

The bride and I

Now how often do u get to see Shane and Staysha dancing together? like never! it was a tender brother sister moment and def. deserved a pic!

Me teaching shane how to spin a girl

Presten, me, Katelyn and Casey....Pres and Casey are now REALLY close friends ha they held hands for a pic how much closer can u get?! hahaha

So cute! Well that's all the happenings here! Until next time!