Thursday, September 20, 2012

September MADNESS!!!!

Wow, we are already in the third week of September and life has been CRAZY! And unfortunately this is just the beginning. Don't get me wrong, we love all the fun and the fact that we are so busy but sometimes we do kind of wish that we could just sit back and relax sometimes. Oh well life can't be put on pause and we have a very busy rest of the year ahead of us!
So the first week of the month we were in Utah for Mack's baptism as I stated in our previous post. The second week was full of fun activities! On Friday we had our very first football game of the season. The girls had all worked so hard and looked fabulous for their first performance and sidelines! Here are some pics of the girls below.

My sis and cousin

Tanessa & Jenna


Look at all those girls! Couldn't get the whole team but they look adorable! We have about 30 girls on the team this year.

Tianna and her friend Erica

Me and the hubs!

this was the 2nd attempt
The first attempt i kind of spit popcorn at them while laughing, hence the face ha!

On saturday we woke up super early. Why you ask would we wake up at 6:00 am on a Saturday? Oh for PURE fun! That's why! We were headed up to Pagosa Springs to go ATVing/Four wheeling/Rzring all day! We had SOOO much fun! We spent all day on the mountain, and didn't finish until 6pm. We headed to a place in the middle of the mountains (I don't remember the name lol) for lunch and it was DELICIOUS! There were about 9 groups of us. We saw some beautiful views. The fall colors were already starting to change so we got to see some very pretty sights! Here's the pics from our stellar ride!

A cool rock formation we saw while riding

Tianna "oh look a donkeys!!!" upon driving closer she then said..."oh just kidding hi llamas!" haha too funny!

Carrie Brown! Love that lady!

Mom and Sis

Our riding gang

Such a cool shot!

I LOVE this pic!

I loved the awesome colors!

Getting ready to eat some grub!

My Aunts and Uncles!

After lunch we got RAINED on! Yup we had a good LONG ride back in the rain ha!

Everyone gettin' their rain gear on

We got stopped in cow traffic lol only in colorado

We stopped at a place called fisherman's lake

And yes skipping rocks was what we all did! This is my dad lookin' for his epic skipping rock!

A HUGE dragonfly Aunt Suzy found

Love this pic of my handsome daddy!

My ADORABLE Parents!

We thought we were only riding in rain...WRONG! we got stuck in a Hail storm and let me tell you they hurt like no other! we had to pull over under some trees and wait for like 15 min before it cleared up. ha oh the memories!

Proof that it was hail lol 

More hail

This weekend was a bitter sweet. My best friend Kimberlie Montoya has prepared to serve a mission. She will be serving in the Guatemala City, Guatemala mission. This past weekend was her farewell. Presten was supposed to come with me but he had school unfortunately but being the AMAZING husband that he is, he let me go ahead without him. I left on Saturday and got there that evening. Kim was at work so I got to spend a couple of hours with her sister Kellie and her daughter Dillyn. After visiting for a bit we went over to her other sister, Tanya's house and started making desserts and cookies for Kim's farewell party Sunday. I had so much fun with her sisters and her nieces. They are just ADORABLE!!!! I was so excited to see Kim and she FINALLY got off work and I was able to see her! I was so so happy! We had told each other that we would go to bed early so we would be all prepared for Sunday and what not; Well early bed time turned into 1am bed time! It was like our sleepovers we used to have when she lived in durango. We had SO much fun, maybe too much fun! Kim, Kellie and I spent all night saturday laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. What a great way to spend the night with people that you love. We got up and started to get ready for church. So, if you know kim and I you then know that we are two complete opposites but we are the absolute best of friends! So, I wanted to do Kim's hair and makeup for her and normally she tells people no but I guess I just have this coolness about me that makes Kim give in to whatever I say ha! Not to mention the whole day we were arguing about her shoes. She wanted to wear flats, and I kept telling her to wear heels and guess who won? yup me! She wore heels! What can I say I kind of dominate lol Kim did such a great job on her talk and everyone there just loved it! After her talk we went to her mom's house for some food and visiting. She had so much fun visiting with old friends and seeing all the people that loved and supported her. I had a ton of fun visiting with her siblings. Her family is down right AWESOME! It was such a great night spent with great people. That night we went to bed "early" like midnight ha but it was so worth it. The next morning I made my 8 hour trek home to see my hubby! I only have one pic of Kim and I (i know i'm super lame) but one is better than none! Here is the infamous Kim Jo and myself!

 When I got home on monday my hubby was SO excited to see me! He even came galloping into the room to hug me he was so excited! It was so cute to see that he was so happy to see me! I was SO happy to see him! Even though it was 2 nights it's still sad to be away from him ha I know, I'm such a sap! Well that night we decided to go out for dinner. The two of us went to a place called Diorio's or Pizza by the Slice on Main. We had some HUGE pizza's and after eating we walked main to walk off our food ha! All I can say is that I absolutely LOVE my hubby! Here are some pics of our main street date.
On Main street

I found a horse!

So last night I wanted to surprise Presten, why? oh simply because he is amazing and I just wanted him to know how much I love and appreciate him. So after dance on Tuesday I picked up some Thai food for us. I packed blankets, cookies, dinner and sparkling apple cider. I had presten cover his eyes and I drove him up LaPlata Canyon. I wanted to take him to the same place that he took me on our very first date but that was an hour drive up the canyon and Presten tends to get car sick and I didn't want to take the chance of that. So we just went up until there was no one else around. I made him stay in the car while I went out and set up our eating area. After it was all set up I came back and led him down the hill (while his eyes were closed) and surprised him with our dinner outing! The dinner was delic and we had our traditional Sparkling Apple Cider with Oreo cookies! ha I know a weird and random combo but it is ours! We came up with it on our honeymoon in Vegas! hah so now that's one of our favorites! We took a pic of the two of us, just like the one we took a whole 2 yrs ago on our first date! After dinner we were going to star gaze but it was REALLY cold! So we decided against that and instead came home and cuddled and watched a movie. Unfortunately Presten is now sick but I'm glad that we were able to have such a great night. I love Presten and I love that he lets me be crazy and will go along with my absurd ideas! He is such a great guy and puts up with so much that I do. I know I drive him crazy sometimes, maybe all the time, but he does so well with me! ha :D Well that's all that we have done so far! In our next posts we will be updating you on our more or our exciting adventures! We have every week in October filled, kinda stressed about that but hopefully it will all work out and it will be full of fun! Until next time! :D

He has his eyes closed and has no idea what's behind him ha

The picnic set up

So i planned for everything except a bottle opener for the sparkling apple cider lol 

So presten used a knife! Yay Pres!

This was his "happy" face I asked him to give me lol

Here are the 2 pics...The one on top is the very first one we took together 2 years ago! The one on the bottom is the one we took the other night. Almost IDENTICAL! Presten is even wearing the same hat and his eyes are exactly the same! hahah Good times! Awww I LOVE this man! Hope you all have enjoyed our fun and stories!