Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Excitement!

Alright so I am quite a bit behind on my posts so bear with me as I try to catch up.

In October my Aunt Katrina, the girls and Mack came before Halloween and went on the Train here in durango for the Pumpkin Patch. Tanessa went with them to help with the girls. Mack hung out with his Aunt Amy most of the time so we didn't get a pic of him but he was a Vampire! Lily was a witch and Sophie was pink spider girl! Awww they were SO cute! We had SO much fun with them!

Spider Girl & Witch

All doing silly Halloween faces!

The fallowing week ELDER TUCK RETURNED HOME!!!!!
We all went to the airport for his arrival. He was scheduled to fly in from Denver on Thur 10/25 @ 8:59pm. Well as we all were loading up into the cars and headed out Aunt Cindy texted and told us that his flight was delayed 40 min. So we met up with Aunt Suzy at Dairy Queen and had some ice cream. After that we headed to the airport and got there are like 9:35pm. The guy then told us that it would be ANOTHER 40min cuz the plane hadn't even left Denver! His flight FINALLY arrived at 11:00pm and boy let me tell you we were all trying to keep our eyes open and then when we heard they were landing the adrenaline kicked it!

Elder Tuck!

Presten & Josh

On Fri we had our last football game of the season. It was COLD! Tanessa did such a great job though! Tianna got some pics of her. She really has shined being on the competition team this year and is doing great. We are all really proud of her and I'm glad that she is enjoying it! 
Tanessa is the middle one

Ness is back row

 Saturday was our Halloween Carnival at the church. It was 1st and 2nd ward combined. The YW were in charge of decorating doors for the kids to come around and trick or treat at. Each class (Laurel, Mia Maid, Beehive) had to have their own door. I was in charge of the mia maid door with Tanessa and Jenna. We took our creepy butler from the front door to be the one to hold the candy. We put caution tape in front of the door like streamers and had big furry spiders taped around the door with orange garland and creepy forest halloween sounds playing. We turned the lights off and had orange lights at his feet so you couldn't see too much. Well the butler did well! SO many people were creeped out by him and it got even better when Presten joined! ha The kids would come up and grab candy from his bowl and presten would either move the butlers hand or reach his hand and grab the kids hands! Oh my goodness we were laughing SO hard! You should have seen those kids faces! 3 boys that thought they were all that left our door running they were so scared! Oh it was hilarious! Good times for sure! We all had fun dressing up. Tianna and I were dolls and our wigs, yup they glowed in the dark! I know we are pretty much amazing! Tanessa was a red jelly belly. Her staysha and jenna were all jelly belly's. Staysha was purple, and Jennas was orange. Mom and dad didn't dress up cuz they are BORING ha but Presten was a baseball player from 1890. He had his great great grandpa's original baseball uniform and wore that. It was the coolest thing EVER! We had so much fun! Well here are all the pics from everything.

sweet pic huh? pres said it was like field of dreams lol

The best part....we carved pumpkins!!!! We had so much fun! Presten carved a skeleton peeking through blinds, Tanessa did a witch with a ghost, Tianna did a fire pumpkin face and I did a scarecrow. And don't think we forgot about Elder Farley! Presten carved a pumpkin with a cute face and carved out E.F. for Elder Farley!!!! YAY!!!! haha Here are the pics of our pumpkin extravaganza! ha 

this is tianna's, she's super proud of it!

The week after Josh came home on Halloween Day my brother came home from his mission!!! We were all so EXCITED! And yes we were also all full of tears ha but they were happy ones!

Josh with Lily and Sophie

The siblings back together again! woohoo!

Brandon's SUPER excited face! He got a bucket full of Aunt Suzy's infamous cookies!!!!

Our two returned missionaries!

The fam!

Tanessa made this for Brandon to run through! she did and awesome job!

So That was all of our family excitement for the month of October!