Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Dickinson

I hope everyone's month of February is going just as splendidly as ours! Some may have heard the rumor and I'm here to tell you that the rumors are true! Presten and I are expecting a 3rd member to join our family on August 23, 2013!!!! We announced the pregnancy to family with this picture and wrist bands hidden in chocolate hearts.

It was so fun to watch the reactions when they opened their hearts! Presten and I def got some good laughs and you could just tell that everyone was SO excited! The videos are already up on facebook so you can view them there. I tried uploading them on here but I keep getting an error sorry. For my Mom, Dad and Tanessa we put together a picture slideshow of the years together. At the end of the slideshow was a note that said, "hope you're ready for what this year brings" They were then given their gifts and it was full of excitement and tears! Yes even my daddy shed a tear or two ;) It was so touching and such and exciting moment for us. Tianna and Brandon are living in Utah so we got to facetime with them when they opened their gifts! Their reactions were pretty much epic! We are all SO excited! Presten's family all lives away so we sent their chocolates, bands and pics in packages to all of them and they are just as excited as well! It's really fun too because Presten's sister, Kristin is pregnant as well and she is due in June and I'm due August so our lil' ones will be close in age which is pretty darn exciting!!!!

So some may have a whole bunch of questions and I'll try to answer them here. If I don't answer your question here then please feel free to ask away :D

I am 3 months along (12 weeks and 6 days as of today). I found out the week before Christmas and told Presten 2 weeks later. We kept it hidden from everyone. No one found out until this weekend. The hardest part was trying to hide the lil' bump from my family since we see them everyday ha. As far as sickness I have been doing very very well! In the beginning I had a little bit of nausea but nothing major. I didn't have any kind of extremem morning sickness it was hit or miss. As long as I am snacking and eating on schedule I do great during the days. I now have evening nausea but it's really nice because I just get to go straight to bed and sleep it all off ha! All in all I have no complaints! I feel great and besides feel extremely exhausted at times I'm able to accomplish everything I need to! So far I'm having a BLAST! :D 
As for the baby's gender, we have decided to keep it a surprise! I know very rare huh? We thought it would be a fun start though! So we will all find out what baby dickinson is in August! Tanessa is rooting for a boy and Tianna and Brandon don't care they are just excited to be an Aunt and Uncle! ha Names...we have discussed names but nothing is set in stone. We probably won't decide until closer to the due date. So if you want to know the name you will all have to wait until baby dickinson decides to make it's grand appearance into this world! ha 

I think that's all the updates I have for now! This weekend I get to spend a week with my Aunts and Mom in Cali for a girls week! I can't wait for the fun we will have and you can bet that there will be lots of pictures and stories to follow! Hope everyone is FABULOUS!!! We Love you all! 
Happy Love Day!