Monday, April 8, 2013

San Diego, Utah and Baby D!!!

So I have skipped our blog for the month of March so I will just have to include it in this post ;)
Back in February I had the opportunity to go on a girls trip! It was even more fun because I got to spend it with my Mom! My mom and I headed out to San Diego, CA and stayed in Oceanside. We met up with my aunts and cousin. We stayed in a home that was literally across the street from the ocean. Talk about a GORGEOUS view! My Aunt Mori, cousin Jessica and her baby boy Landon, Aunt Thalia, Aunt Katrina, Aunt Laeni, my mom and I all stayed in the house together and had a BLAST!!! It was so fun to spend quality girl time together and to just relax! Here are some pictures from our trip!

View from our house

Me, Jess, Aunt Katrina and my mom

One afternoon we decided to take a walk down the pier and go get lunch at this place called Ruby's. Their shakes were DELICIOUS!!!! It was a cute little diner that was right over the ocean. We had a really great time. I loved that we were right next to the ocean I just was wishing it was warmer so I could have gotten some sun but oh goes on!

Baby Landon...cute cute grin! 

My sexy momma!

My jacket is hiding the bump but I was about 3 months along here (13 weeks)

We decided one evening to do a lil' photo shoot on our are our sexy pics!

Gorgeous sunset!

Rooftop fire was super nice and cozy!

My mom and baby Landon

Mother and daughter

Mom, Aunt Julia and Aunt Mori

She's a natural!

Baby bump!

Night view

coolest pic of the sun!



Jessica on the beach

 This past weekend we got to spend it in Utah for my birthday. Pres and I stayed with my bro and sister and cousin in their townhome. Saturday we spent ALL day shopping! It was SO much fun! We got to go to Babies R Us and check out some baby stuff and then found some maternity clothes that actually fit me (thanks to my AMAZING Aunt Mori who gave me a gift card to Target). We ended the evening eating an amazingly DELICIOUS birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Sandy, Ut. It was such a wonderful weekend and we had so much fun! I was so bummed to have to leave the family though! That's always the worst part.
He loves when I take pics of him in the car lol 

Today was a FUN day! Presten and I had our 20 week doctors appointment! We got to see 4D images of the baby, hear the heart beat and get to see all the little hands, feet, face etc. It was such a sweet and neat thing! Made us even more excited! Our baby is 100% healthy and already has some cute chubby cheeks going. Presten said our baby has my cheeks and we had def. decided that it has Presten's nose. The baby was not a fan of trying to be looked at on the ultrasound. It kept hiding behind my belly button and kept trying to cover it's face and hide from us ha. It was too funny. Baby was trying not to move and nuzzle it's way away from us. The funny part was after the ultrasound we went and waited in the foyer for our next doctor and the entire 30 minutes baby was kicking and moving like CRAZY!!!! Presten got to finally feel the baby kick and you could totally see my belly moving all over the place. It was the craziest thing but oh the sweetest! The more I get to feel the baby and see how excited Presten is it makes this time in my life that much more amazing! For those that may have questions on how I am doing during the pregnancy I hope I can answer some of those questions.... So far I have had a completely enjoyable pregnancy. I have not been sick or in tons of pain.  I have no heart burn, I can eat anything that I want, I have a craving for the lemon-lime gatorade and I do not like tomatoes. I can eat them as long as they are hidden in something but I can no longer eat them alone or if I can smell them lol All I can say is that I am really enjoying being pregnant and having this cute babe inside of me! Well that's all the updates I have in our life for now! Hope you enjoy all the pics!!!

Here's the bump at 20 weeks!

This is baby with it's arm over it's lips

Half of baby's face. Eyes, nose, and lips

Cute Baby Dickinson!!!

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