Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Utah Friends and Wedding!

 This past weekend Presten and I had the awesome opportunity to go to Utah for my dear friends wedding! Ashley Farr and Kenny Jones FINALLY tied the knot! hahah It was SO fun! I was so looking forward to seeing everyone and the weekend turned out to be a BLAST! I worked with both Kenny and Ashley at Olive Garden when I lived in Utah so it was even more fun because I have known both of them for years! Love them both!

We left Friday morning after Presten's first class. We stayed with Tianna, Brandon and Missy at their townhouse. That night Tianna had to work at Olive Garden in American Fork so that night for dinner Missy, Brandon, Presten and I headed to Olive Garden for dinner! It was DELICIOUS!!! It was so fun to see all the old people that I had worked with and of course Darren my old manager! It was fun for Presten too because our server ended up serving his mission with Presten! How random is that?! He totally remembered Presten too and Presten remembered him! It was pretty dang neat!

The next day, Saturday, was the big wedding day! Pres and I woke up at 6am and were on the go till 11:30pm. It was a long day but full of FUN! We got to Salt Lake City early and had breakfast. It was raining that morning which was a bummer but everyone kept saying it was supposed to bring the couple good luck lol After breakfast we headed over to the Salt Lake City Temple and attended the sealing. It was beautiful, and I am just so beyond happy for them! Ashley's dress was GORGEOUS! and Kenny looked great in his suit! What a wonderful day for them! After the sealing we got to see Maddi and her husband Mikey and Haley, her husband Hugo and their baby girl Sofie. We all went to lunch at the Red Iguana and then after lunch we went and walked around City Creek together. After window shopping we went our separate ways for a couple of hours to take naps and finish up anything we needed to do before the reception. We all regathered at the reception and had a complete blast laughing and sharing the best of stories! At the reception we had Maddi and Mikey, Haley and Hugo (they left sofie home with Haley's sisters), Brandon and Missy, Presten and I, Sean and his wife and Brooks and his wife. After the reception and after we sent the newly married couple off on their way to their honeymoon all of us gathered at Olive Garden for dessert! Pretty much we spent ALL day together and had the most epic time ever! I miss all those people so much! After this visit I just wanted to move back so we could be closer to everyone!

Hugo, Sofie and Haley

Maddi & Mikey



Just too cute!

Mr & Mrs Jones!!!!

Ashley's gorgeous wedding ring!

 Sunday after church and dinner we went and spent the afternoon with Aunt Katrina, Uncle Bryan and the kids. We played scrabble while Presten went outside with Mack and played some baseball. After a fun afternoon we went back to the townhouse and our old friend who moved away when we were younger, Sadee Foote, came and visited! It was SO much fun to visit with her and it made us all realize how much we missed each other. It was such a great weekend filled with amazing friends and family time! It's always so bitter sweet going to Utah. Every time we visit we always want to move there!

We got back last night and today my friend Cortney and her husband Clint are visiting Durango from California. We got to visit with them over lunch at Serious Texas. It's always so fun to see them! They are just the cutest couple! Love them both! So glad that we got to see them!

Me and Corters!!!

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