Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby D Update and Date Night

Today was a FABULOUS day! After getting work done and out of the way, Presten and I went out on a picnic for dinner. We ate by the river and then afterwards Presten indulged my crazy side and pretended to be a tourist with me! ha Yes we pretended to be tourists in Durango! It was quite fun really, and I was so glad that Presten played along!

We went to the train station

Took pics of the strater and the Horse Carriage 

Presten found his buddy Blue!

We went inside and explored the Strater and I showed Presten some of the hidden doors and knobs inside. That was fun!

And...we found the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Bear!

It was a night worth taking the jeep in. We even took the top off and I blasted some pretty sweet music and danced while Presten looked at me shaking his head and laughing. He sometimes thinks I'm crazy, but I know that he wouldn't have me any other way! All in all it was a really great date night! I love summer and I love summer nights that I get to spend with my man!

Time for a baby update!!!
I am 29 weeks along in this pic. (6 months)
I had my glucose appt. test today and...I Passed yay! But ugh, can I say that I don't ever wanna take that test again. It was so not fav! I don't do well having sugar in the mornings and my test was this morning at 7:45 am and that's ALOT of sugar to intake! It totally gave me the jitters and I didn't feel all that great and poor Baby D, I'm pretty sure I put it in a sugar coma ha! But let me tell you after dinner that baby was ALL over the place! It felt like it was playing in a bouncy castle or something ha I'm sure it wishes it had more room in there! 
So the details of the pregnancy...yes I look like I'm carrying a basketball under the shirt but trust me it's a belly ha. I get a lot of people asking me how many weeks I have left and if I'm due soon and if I'm having twins...to answer all those questions, I'm not having twins, I have roughly 11 weeks left and my due date is August 23. The doctors say I'm right on schedule and my measurements are great, I just have such a small torso and nowhere for the baby to go but straight out. I still have not had any kind of nausea or sickness which I have been SO grateful for! In all honesty this has been the easiest pregnancy and I have enjoyed EVERY moment of it! I haven't had any cravings but def. love fruit right now. I can still wear my wedding ring, and can still get some great sleep! The baby has been moving a lot more now which was been SO fun! As my brother would quote, "he's gonna be a soccer player, yes he is!" haha But really I think our baby is gonna be some sort of athlete! It's favorite thing to do is not kick, but to roll! Like literally roll and spin and turn and man oh man, it's the craziest feeling ever! Not to mention how weird it is to see the belly move! Last night you could feel it's little hands and feet as it was pushing out and agains the tummy. Presten has enjoyed being able to feel the baby's movements as well. I am just loving every moment of this and I can't wait to meet our sweet baby! My darling sister came and took maternity pics for me and is working on editing those so I'm really looking forward to that! I think that's all I have so far on Baby D! If you have any questions just let me know! 

Girls Trip in Las Vegas!!!!

This last week My mom sisters and I took a girls trip Las Vegas. Mon-Thur we stayed at our Time Share and the last night we thought we'd be fun and adventurous and stay at the Treasure Island Hotel. We had SO much fun! The heat was pretty intense, one day it was up to 110 degrees, thank goodness for AC! Monday we got in around 6pm. We got all settled in, unpacked and ate dinner. Every morning we spent a couple of hours swimming and sunbathing by the pool which was so awesome cuz no one was around! It was the best! We spent tuesday afternoon walking the strip exploring.

Sexy ladies!

That night we got to go and spend the evening with some old friends of ours! It's been about 7 years since we had seen them and it was SO fun to see them! Kristen made a DELICIOUS dinner for us and even had dessert for us! We had such a great time sitting around, sharing stories and laughing the whole time we were there! It was so great to see them and for them to open their house up to us! We love them!
My mom and Kristen

Everyone except for Brad, he was taking the picture for us! Sweet guy!

 Day 2 we explored a new section of the strip. We took the shuttle to New York New York and explored all the way down to the M&M Factory!
On the shuttle

When Presten I went to Vegas for our Honeymoon we ate at a restaurant in the New York New York called Nathan's. It was SO good, so that's where I took the girls and we ate there for lunch. And it was just as delicious as it was 2 years ago! YUM!

Ness and Tianna infront of the Jelly Bean Statue of Liberty

This entire thing is ALL jelly beans! Could you imagine someone making that with Jelly Beans? Whoever did it has mad skill!

Outside of the M&M Factory!

We got to meet Green!

Tianna's new love! ;)

Look, I found a new boyfriend...Yellow! Ha no worries Presten knows ;)

Tianna was attempting to do the same face as blue...um I think Blue won!

Watching the M&M Show! I know we look so sexy with those glasses!

She's an angry bird!

These crystal balls change colors! Coolest thing ever!

Ready to party! ha

There's not a hat she tries on that doesn't look good on her! Seriously, so jealous!

So Tianna was trying to get a picture of the guy in the white hat. She didn't want to look all creepy so My mom stood infront and we were going to pretend to take a pic of her when really she was going to take a pic of the guy. Well he ended up photo bombing the pic so we got the pic of him without him even knowing! Haha SO awesome!

So fun little fact, Those white pillars are pure ice! Coolest thing ever! 

We found these in the Aria hotel. They a clear pillars filled with water and in each pillar is a different size water tornado. Some of them have different colored lights underneath, coolest things ever!

Tanessa found her dream ring at Tiffany & Co and the lady was so sweet, she let ness try the ring on. How cool is that? So fun!

Ness getting all dark in the pool!

Tianna in her cute sun hat

Our awesome pool!

Us girls before going out to explore the strip!


The Gardens in the Bellagio!

A snail made out of flowers!

She is made out of chocolate!

Chocolate waterfall

The Monte Carlo Pools!

After a long day of walking!

At the end of the day all of our feet were hurting SO bad so we filled up the pool with cold water and soaked our feet in it and then we exchanged foot massages...it was Awesome!

The girls watching the Treasure Island Pirate show from our window.

All ready for our last night in Vegas! 

The next day we said our goodbyes in St. George, Tianna headed back to Utah (finally made it there safe after her car kept overheating on her) and we made it back home to Colorado. Above was Tanessa's make shift sun blocker haha pretty cool looking huh? Well that was our awesomely fun week in Vegas! Had a blast with the girls and we may have to make this a yearly thing! I was hoping to have pictures of Presten from this week, he spent the week in Gunnison with his family while we were in Vegas, but uh he informed me that his photographer (a.k.a. me) ran away to vegas and it was too hard to take pics so we don't have any pics of him and his family, lame I know! Now back to reality and the real world!