Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bar - D Chuckwagon!

Last night we got to go to the infamous Bar-D!!!! I haven't been since last Aug and come to find out Presten and I had never been together. The last time he went was when his sister was in college with his family. Depressing I know. I have such fond memories of the Bar-D, why you ask? Well I will tell you! Ever since I can remember The Bar-D Chuckwagon has been a Farley Family Tradition. I remember from the time I was young that every summer we got together and we went to the Bar-D and it was like the highlight of the summer. I couldn't wait to go every year. The food, the show, the family, the fun! We would always get to explore the shops, and then we had games that we would play before dinner was served and I just remember how delicious the food was! That beef was/is always my favorite! The best part though, the best part was the song and show! I still remember when Cy was a big part of the show and would dress up like a woman and sing the song "Come a Little Bit Closer" I always looked forward to the family fun at the Bar-D! I miss those days, but I sure am glad that I have those memories! And now I get to make new memories! woo hoo! This year we got to go with the Roder's, The Avarell's, the Gibson's and my Mom and Dad. There's was lots of laughs and the show...still as fun as it ever was! It's not the same without Cy, but it's still pretty dang awesome and the food is just as delicious as ever! I didn't get all that many pictures because of course I was way more invested in my surroundings than picture taking so I apologize ha

Here is my handsome stud of a hubby! Yes he's a keeper!

I love this pic of Jax and Cameron! Their faces are just too funny!

Father and Son! Jax thought that one picture was just enough lol

Some of the gang!

He loves when I take pictures of him eating, it's his favorite thing ever!

Miss Eden and her Papi! Too Cute!

Everyone smiles but Cameron...He has to stand out! Something I would totally do! Way to go Cam!

Makena and Jax...Precious!

The hubs and I! I love this man and I'm so glad he puts up with me and pictures! I think I'll keep him for like, uh eternity? ;)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Gunnison - Cattlemen's Days

This past weekend Presten and I got to go up to Gunnison to visit the fam and for the awesome weekend of Cattlemen's Days! We got in Friday night and left Sunday afternoon. A short but sweet trip! 

Saturday was the big parade down main street. The high school class reunions are normally around this time and this year it was my Mother-in-Laws class reunion! Above is their float. 

None of them got to be Homecoming Queens so their float theme was "Coming Home Queens"! Cute huh? The girls all had sashes and crowns. My Mother-in-Law is the cute one in the red waving at us! It was so fun to see her from the crowd!

A few more of her float, and I just had to get a pic of this awesome fire truck because it's totally vintage! After the parade Presten, Bryten and I went with Frances and a few of her classmates up to Waunita Hot Springs/Ranch. We took a tour around the ranch (needless to say it's pretty dang AWESOME!) Everyone swam around and we hung out by the pool for a bit. After that we gathered our stuff and headed back home. Frances and I spent 2 hours having some awesome mother daughter girl time chit chat ha and Presten, Trenten and Bryten all went to the park and hit some balls with the new bat that Trenten and just made. You want to know what happened to that bat? Well they were only able to make it through one bucket of balls, Trent hit that bucket, and they busted the bat! Ha After all of that fun we all headed to the rodeo which was a blast as always. After the rodeo Bryt went to the carnival with his friends, Frances headed off to her last class reunion event and Pres Trent and I went to Smith's cuz the boys were hungry and then headed to the carnival. 

This is how thirsty these two were. They each got their own Juice bottles and drank the whole things! And yes everyone did look at them funny haha All in all it was a great and fun filled weekend and I'm really glad we got to go and spend some time with family! It's been too long!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maternity Pictures

So....I am so extremely blessed to have an AMAZING sister who is absolutely wonderful at photography! Not to mention she loves me SOOOO much that she takes pictures for me! She did my maternity pics for Presten and I and I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE them! She never disappoints! I love my family and the support they have given me my entire life and especially during this pregnancy! It's so fun that to have everyone just as excited as I am to welcome this sweet baby into this world!

I Love his face! You can tell he's doing some serious belly shaking there! Poor baby...haha

I have to say this is one of my favorites! Presten just makes the pictures that much cuter! I'm so lucky to have such a stud of a husband!

This one looks like I have a basketball under my shirt! I promise it's really the baby lol

Tianna is amazing! I'm so glad she's willing to do all this for me! She's a superstar!!!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July!

This year my family went to Vegas for the 4th of July so Presten and I were left on our own as what to do! My Aunt Suzy and Uncle Tracy were spending the 4th in Silverton with the Blakes and the Gillelands. Presten and I have never been to Silverton so we thought it would be a blast to head up there for the day since he had to work the day before and the day after. We were SO glad we did too! It was SO much fun! They have quite the parade that goes through town and throws beads like CRAZY!!! 
Here is an example of just how many beads the people in the parade come prepared with! ha

Even Presten got some beads! The girls must have thought he was some cutie ;)

Swifty really landed the beads! This girl is straight up adorable! heart her!

We watched the parade with my Aunt and uncle, Brad and Janelle and the Webbers. We felt so loved having so many ppl who wanted to hang out with us! ha :D

Now here's the part that no one informed Presten and I of before we came up...the FIRE TRUCKS!


We tried hiding behind the cars...Yup didn't work they were aiming for the ones hiding and running away!

Baby Lydia!!!

We are only a lil' wet...

After the parade everyone goes over the fire station where the fire fighters have a full on water fight with those huge hoses! It's literally so insane! One guys helmet flew off! It's crazy the amount of pressure in those hoses haha it was too fun! All the kids loved running in the street and through the hose.
Shane had a BLAST and came back to us SOAKED! His comment, "Mom looked what they did to me!" haha like it wasn't his fault too funny!

Yes...I got the awesome Raccoon eyes going on! I put sunscreen on before we left but apparently that wasn't enough and I should have applied more! Since I'm so awesome and wear the big bug eye glasses my raccoon face REALLY stood out! All they guys got quite the kick out of it! ha Well lesson has been learned for next time!

After all the day festivities we headed to town and got ready to watch the fireworks! The boom you could hear was AWESOME! That's probably my favorite part about fireworks is when you can feel the loud boom! Totally the best! And I think the baby likes them too cuz Baby D was wiggling and squirming all over during the fireworks! After that Presten and I made the trek home. By the time we got all our stuff loaded up in the car and were ready to go there was a HUGE line of cars making it's way out of town. We were kind of worried cuz everyone kept telling us how long it normally takes to get back to Durango because there's just so many ppl. The longest part was getting out of town. It took us about 45 minutes, but after that it was super quick an easy. It only took us 10 min longer than normal to get back to Durango which wasn't too bad it was just the sitting in the traffic from town. It was SO worth it though, and Presten and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we are already planning for next year! Crazy to think about, that this time next year we will have almost a 1 year old! So insane!