Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2 Year Anniversary

On July 1st, Presten and I celebrated our 2nd year Anniversary! How crazy is that? I honestly can't believe that it was 2 years ago that we were getting ready to go to the temple to be sealed. It is so crazy how fast time seems to fly! Last year we had the luxury of being able to sneak away for the weekend to celebrate but this year since Presten has a big kid job now ;) we had to stay in Durango which wasn't bad at all. He and I both worked all day on Monday and then I met him in town after he got off work and we had a really nice dinner. We ate at Mahogany Grille on Main Street, and can I just say how amazingly DELICIOUS all of the food was?! It was definitely a party in my mouth! We ate so much food there that we couldn't even touch dessert, so we got it to go and took it home. We spent the evening watching a movie and enjoying our amazing dessert and Presten got to open his gift! The wedding ring I got him when we got married unfortunately broke last year. The ring itself was still intact but the design around it fell out which was a huge bummer! So after a lot of searching we found a super awesome one and that's what he got as his gift! Needless to say he loves it, I love it and he's already had compliments on it...what can I say I have some pretty good taste ha ;) ok Presten has some pretty good taste!

2013 - 2 Year Anniversary!

2012 - 1 Year Anniversary

2011 - 2 Days before the Wedding

We seem to only have changed a LITTLE bit through the years ;) ha 

Here is a picture of his new ring!

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