Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bar - D Chuckwagon!

Last night we got to go to the infamous Bar-D!!!! I haven't been since last Aug and come to find out Presten and I had never been together. The last time he went was when his sister was in college with his family. Depressing I know. I have such fond memories of the Bar-D, why you ask? Well I will tell you! Ever since I can remember The Bar-D Chuckwagon has been a Farley Family Tradition. I remember from the time I was young that every summer we got together and we went to the Bar-D and it was like the highlight of the summer. I couldn't wait to go every year. The food, the show, the family, the fun! We would always get to explore the shops, and then we had games that we would play before dinner was served and I just remember how delicious the food was! That beef was/is always my favorite! The best part though, the best part was the song and show! I still remember when Cy was a big part of the show and would dress up like a woman and sing the song "Come a Little Bit Closer" I always looked forward to the family fun at the Bar-D! I miss those days, but I sure am glad that I have those memories! And now I get to make new memories! woo hoo! This year we got to go with the Roder's, The Avarell's, the Gibson's and my Mom and Dad. There's was lots of laughs and the show...still as fun as it ever was! It's not the same without Cy, but it's still pretty dang awesome and the food is just as delicious as ever! I didn't get all that many pictures because of course I was way more invested in my surroundings than picture taking so I apologize ha

Here is my handsome stud of a hubby! Yes he's a keeper!

I love this pic of Jax and Cameron! Their faces are just too funny!

Father and Son! Jax thought that one picture was just enough lol

Some of the gang!

He loves when I take pictures of him eating, it's his favorite thing ever!

Miss Eden and her Papi! Too Cute!

Everyone smiles but Cameron...He has to stand out! Something I would totally do! Way to go Cam!

Makena and Jax...Precious!

The hubs and I! I love this man and I'm so glad he puts up with me and pictures! I think I'll keep him for like, uh eternity? ;)

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