Monday, August 26, 2013

Visit With The Hatch's!

This past weekend we had such a fun visit from the Hatch Family! Kristin, Tay and Jordan had spent the last two weeks in Gunnison, CO with the family and before they headed back to Wyoming, they got to come down to Durango and visit! Josh flew into Durango around 9am and they got to spend all day Saturday with us and left Sunday morning. Even though it was a short visit it was so fun to have them here and to finally get to meet sweet miss Layla!

Presten and I took the kids on a Rzr ride through the forest. I think that was the first time they had been on one and I think they enjoyed it! After the ride we went to Serious Texas for lunch (Josh's fav place in durango!) After lunch we headed to the train station to show Jordan all the trains. We checked out the train museum and the kids had a blast! After the train station we got to go to the park! We spent all day at the park and had a blast! It was a perfect day to be outside!

Presten batting

Kristin Pitching

Pres and Kristin love to play ball! It was so fun to watch them, especially since I have no hand eye coordination like these two do ha

Sweet Taylin with here baby Sister Layla! Cute girls! 
After the park we went to dinner at Christina's and then went home and watched Zookeeper. 
The next day they headed up to Colorado Springs to take the kids to the real zoo. We were sad to see them go, but so glad they got to visit. It was just a bummer that they didn't get to meet Baby D when they were here. We love them and miss them! Wyoming is too far away sometimes!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

39 Weeks....

So what's the latest on me and Baby D? Well I might as well update you as there is still no baby and I have time on my hands! I have gone my whole pregnancy as probably the luckiest preggo ever! The only sickness I have felt this entire time was just in the beginning, the first trimester. Since then I have been able to exactly what I want when I want to. I have had no weird cravings. Although I still enjoy the Lemon-Lime Gatorade and a fan of smoothies for sure. I walk three days a week with my friend Makena who is due in Sept. It's been nice to have someone that's going through the same thing you are! Makes everything that much more exciting! It's also nice to walk to keep ourselves in shape. I have gained a total of 28 lbs my entire pregnancy which is pretty dang good and I'm hoping that it will be easy to work off after the baby comes. The baby is as healthy as ever. Every doctor appt. each doctor comments on how much the baby moves and how STRONG the baby's heartbeat is. It makes me happy and gives me such great relief to know that I have one extremely healthy baby inside! The doctors informed me that the baby could come any time and I am hoping that it's sooner than later! We shall see what time frame Baby D is on though ha I have the hospital bag packed, I have the diaper bag packed, the baby carrier is in the car, the baby room is all set up, organized and decorated, all I need now is the baby! I'm getting very ancy needless to say. I can't wait to find out if we have a mini presten or a mini me. Stay tuned to the blog to find out what Baby D is!!!! :D

Me at 39 weeks...Baby looks like they wanna come out the belly button

So this week I came home and there was a giant box on the porch addressed to Baby D. I didn't know what it was but was very excited to open it. Well what was inside was the best surprise EVER!!!! Inside was a GIANT life size Giraffe! Talk about the cutest thing ever! I almost did a happy dance but uh when I went to jump up and down and dance I felt like that wasn't the best idea with how large the belly is and all. It could have been quite the sight, seeing a 9 month preggo happy dance! ha

The giraffe came from John & Michelle Gilleland and it's the Cutest thing in the whole world! I'm absolutely in love! Thank you Gilleland's! Baby D is going to be a HUGE fan! I just know it! Well that's all for now, hopefully the next post will be baby pics ;)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Utah Baby Shower!!!

So my family loves me and absolutely spoils me! My Aunt Mori who lives in California wanted to throw me a baby shower and flew into Utah and put one together on Aug 3rd! I felt so loved! Most of my family Utah were able to come and for me to see them. I was so grateful to have everyone there and for all the love and support that they have given me. They decorated the townhome and everything was SO adorable! I honestly can't thank My Mom, Aunt Mori, Aunt Katrina, Tia Sonia, Tia Beatrice and sister Tianna for all the hard work and effort they put into decorating and putting everything together for me. I really am so blessed! Here are some fun pics to enjoy! Also big thanks to Tianna for all the pics! She's a superstar! The theme was ready to pop!

Yes I got a rocking chair! My mom hearts me A LOT!!!!

The take home goodie bags

My Aunt Mori and Marissa (my cousin) made all the cut out girls look like me! 

The living room!

My Aunt Suzy's infamous popcorn. This stuff is to die for!

"Natasha Is About To Pop"

Tia Sonia

Tia Beatrice

My bro Bran, he was helping to taste test the food to make sure it was yummy ;)

Joshua my cousin

Tia and my mom

Aunt Suzy & Aunt Mori

Prepping the food

These cake pops were super delicious! Couldn't stop eating them!

Yummy food!

Tia Sonia & I

My mom knows me all too well. She found the SOFTEST blanket to go with the chair. Yes I'm weird and have this thing about soft stuff. Blankets, clothes...anything I touch has to be super soft ha. Call me crazy lol 

They even decorated the front door!

Even though I'm Preggo I've still got it goin' on ;)

This picture was just too awesome to pass up! Tianna told them to get ready for the pic and this is what they did. Each one did something different to make themselves look sexy for the pic ;) ha I absolutely love these ladies!

Aunt Katrina & Aunt Mori!

Glamour shots!!!!

Aunt Barbara and I

Aunt Sande! All zebra'd out! My kind of style!

Baby Jake (Jennie my cousins son) & Aunt Katrina 

Laura (Adam, my cousin's wife) & my mom

Tanessa & Emma

Aunt Suzy & Staysha

Sweet Jake

Look at those squishy thighs! Ha too fun!

The baby gets all the lovin' before me...I guess this is what I have to look forward to ha

Aunt Dixie, Aunt Suzy & Staysha

Mother & Daughter

Aunt Katrina & Tia Sonia

Jennie & Katelin Love these girls!

My amazing sister!

Aunt Barabar & My Mom. (Aunt Barbara was my Mom's Grandma's sister. When my Great Grandma Carol passed away Aunt Barbara stepped in and took over being Grandma for my mom and her siblings)

Tia Beatrice & her daughter Tia Sonia. 

Everyone wanted a turn in the chair. What can I say it's a comfy one!

Comfy Aunt Mori

Learning how to waterfall braid

My sister and mom!

We are a lil' crazy but that's ok! 
A HUGE thank you to EVERYONE for coming to the shower, for helping and just for all the support and love you have all given me throughout this pregnancy! I have no doubt that Baby D is coming into one AMAZING and loving family! I don't know what I would do without all of you! You make life complete!!!!