Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Larios' Visit!

So as the title says our family got to come and visit! The Larios family lives in California and if we are lucky we get to see them once a year due to everyones crazy busy schedules and school. Luckily they had time off and got to come down to Colorado and then go up to Utah with us for a couple of days. Tia Sonia is my mom's cousin but in the Latin culture if they are older than you they are your Tia (Aunt) or Tio (Uncle) and if they are close to your age then you are cousins. Just throwing that out there so no one gets confused.

This is my Tia Beatrice with her new sexy man! ;) 
While in Durango we took them down Main Street, went to eat at Ken and Sue's and Steamworks, and the boys played with airsoft guns while the girls all visited. It was so fun to have them here as always! After a couple of days here we took our venture to Orem, Ut. 

Friday (Aug 2nd) we got to take tours of the Humanitarian Center, Welfare Square and the Salt Lake City Temple. There was definitely lots of walking but it was so much fun! I have never taken a tour of the Humanitarian Center or Welfare Square so both of those were really neat to experience! There is so much that goes on there that I had no clue about! My Tia Beatrice speaks fluent spanish and it was so neat to be able to have my brother Brandon there to translate for her. It really made me wish I could speak spanish but that's besides the point. We had such a fun day, and I think our family really enjoyed being able to see and learn so much about what our church does service wise. It totally opened my eyes!
Left to Right: Tianna (sister), Sophie, (cousin) Tanessa (sister), Lily (cousin/Sophie's twin) & Emma (cousin). 

part of our party!

Everyone after the tour on Welfare Square. Can I just say the cheese and chocolate milk they make there....HEAVEN IN MY MOUTH!!! That honestly is the BEST chocolate milk I've ever tasted! So amazing!

Everyone loves Aunt Suzy!

I just had to include this because Staysha's face was just too cute! ;)

Tio Oscar and Tianna

My Mom and Aunt Mori (her older sister) Gorgeous ladies!

Kristian & Joshua (my cousins)
These two boys are HILARIOUS!!!! 

He loves his mom!

Joshua & Tia Sonia

Sophie is so strong! Look at her carry Tianna haha

Tio Oscar & the Preggo!

The lightings bad but some of the gang at the Rooftop Restaurant over looking the SLC temple. 

The other part of the gang!

After lunch we toured the Temple grounds. Look at how adorable my family is! I'm one very lucky girl!

Yes another candid shot. Staysha just gives me the best faces to work with! I had such a blast with everyone and I am so looking forward to the Larios' coming back in Christmas and being able to meet Baby D! Going to be EPIC!!!!

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