Thursday, October 31, 2013


This year for Halloween we got to go to a Halloween Party! Woohoo! I love Parties! Callie and Billy Bond throw some AWESOME parties and the costumes this year were so fun! We had a DELICIOUS nacho bar for dinner followed by pumpking carving contest and games. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long as Tianna was baby sitting Breck and we couldn't stay terribly long. 

Presten was the Mad Hatter and I was the Queen of Hearts!

Here's the whole group!

Pumpkin Carving!

Wreck it Ralph & Vanellope (Billy & Callie Bond)

Gru & Lucy Wilde (Matt & Jessica Wood)

Sergeant Calhoun & Fix It Felix (Nicole & Stewart Blake)

American Chopper

French Kiss (Lacy & Ace Stryker)

Green Arrow Couple (Angie & Trent Webber)

Super Man & Wonder Woman (Michael & Jessica Morgan)

Cowboy & Indian (Eddie & Meeca Bailey)

Dexter (Marisa & Will Hoffman)

Such a fun night full of fun costumes games and food!

Here is my little candy corn!

For Halloween Breck was Superman! Or as we called him, Super Breck! He was the cutest chunky superman ever!!! Funny story about his costume. We got it at Wal*Mart and it's a 6/9 Month costume. Well as you can see in the pic it fits him PERFECTLY! He is 3 months old and fits into a 6/9 Month costume. Yup he's a chunk, but the cutest chunk I've ever seen!

He is THRILLED I dressed him up, the face says it all!

We started the night off at Monte and Pam Roder's house with dinner. It was super delic! After dinner we headed out with Cameron, Makena, Jax and Eden to do some Trick Or Treating. It was SO cold this year that we only made it to maybe 5 houses before the kids wanted to head home. Although we didn't get far we had fun! It's all about the memory making anyways.

Cute Avarell Fam!

Eden was a pretty princess

Jax was a brave knight

Someone got her hands on some cookies with black icing! At least it was yummy!

cute girl!

Makena & Cameron! They were Halloween Matching! Love these two!

My Super Breck!

Breck and Daddy

Jax is such a character!

After the night was over we headed home and Breck decided to give me some super silly faces! His faces are so silly! I love this kid.

That was all for our Halloween this year. Our ward didn't throw a Halloween party this year (lame I know lol) so we just spent our Halloween holiday with awesome friends and their adorable kids!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh October!

So not much has been going on in our lives. I am now one of those people that only posts pics and videos about our kid and have stopped posting things about Presten and I which prob means we are boring now ha! Having a little one has definitely changed our lives but for the better though. We heard from lots of different people that it would be a hard adjustment. So far it hasn't been too hard. Last night he slept for 6 hours then had his first feeding and then slept another 3 hours which was perfect because that was when we needed to get up anyways. I just have had to learn to try to get my stuff done while he is napping otherwise it doesn't get done ha! Besides the chores nothing has really changed. Breck is so awesome and goes everywhere with me. It's so nice that he loves noise which makes going places that much easier because he sleeps through it all! He is such a good sport. He has already been to 3 football games and has been AMAZING at all 3! He is one precious little guy. He is 7 weeks old and just growing like crazy! He has his next doctors appointment on Tuesday so we will have to see how much he weighs and how long he is. He is already wearing 0-3 Month size clothes and can fit into the 6 Month onesies. At least I know I'm not starving him! Presten and I love having this little guy in our lives and enjoy his sweet smiles and giggles. He has made our lives that much better!

So story time! And yes they are mostly about bodily fluids lol.

When Breck was 5 days old he got circumcised, poor guy. He was such a champ though! Well we were at the Doctors office after the circumcision. They wanted to wait a little bit and check him to make sure that everything looked normal before we went home. While waiting Breck decided to dirty his diaper big time! So I went to a room to change his diaper. The nurse came with me to help thank goodness. While in the room I took his diaper off and was cleaning him up when out of nowhere he had a projectile mess! When I say projectile I mean it! It shot across the room! It was all over me, the floor and the wall! I was in shock! I couldn't believe my son could do that one, and two I couldn't believe I had poo all over my arms! Hahah Needless to say that was my initiation into the newborn baby boy diaper world!

When Breck was 2 weeks old I was changing his diaper. I had laid him down on the couch and was cleaning his bum when he decided to share some toots. Well it ended up starting to be more than just air, so I quickly blocked him with a wipe. As I was reaching over to grab the clean diaper I hear Presten making noises. I look up to see that Breck had decided to pee all over Presten's arm, across the couch and on his shirt. I was laughing SO hard I was crying. Then before I could do anything Breck began to pee again and got more of the couch, Presten's pants and more of his shirt. I was dying! Presten...he looked at me and said, "this is why we have a changing table."He and I both laughed so hard about it. The joys of a little boy!

When Breck was 3 weeks old I had just finished feeding him and was burping him. Presten was sitting across the bed from me checking his phone. While burping him he turns his head to look at me. He gives me the BIGGEST grin ever. It was the cutest thing! My heart just melted. I looked at him and said, "Oh buddy you..." before I could finish he projectile vomited like 3 times in a row one right after the other. Yup you guessed it, straight into my open mouth! It was in my mouth, up my nose all over the front of me and pooled in my arm and was all over my was EVERYWHERE! I didn't even know what to do. I looked at Breck and he was just full of smiles, glad someone was. I looked to Presten to help by taking him, or grabbing me a towel...something, well he was no use. He was over banging his hands on the bed with tears in his eyes he was laughing so hard. I asked him if he could help me out; his reply, "I can't! That was too funny, I can't even move!" Looking back yes it was quite hilarious, during it...not funny at all! ha

When Breck was 5 weeks old I was feeding him. After finishing with his feeding I went to lift him up to burp him and his back was wet. I looked at his back and he had the BIGGEST blow out! It went all the way up to his neck! Yup, straight to the bath he went and straight to the washer was where his clothes went! I couldn't believe that all of that came from someone so itty bitty! It's amazing what comes out of their lil' bodies!

Well I think I have grossed everyone out enough so I'll move on ;)
This weekend Presten and I got to attend a Halloween Party hosted by Billy and Callie Bond! It was SO much fun! Everyone had stupendous costumes! The food was super delicious and the company was awesome! Tianna was such a trooper and watched Breck for us while we went. She was such a trooper. He was a fussy that night for her which was a bummer but we were SO grateful that she was so sweet to watch him for us. I am so blessed to have family so close to take care of our little guy, they are amazing! Don't know what we would do without them!

Breck with Honey & Papi at the DHS Homecoming football game

our little teddy bear!

The 2nd week of October my AMAZING sister took family photos for us! She has such a great eye for photography and we were lucky enough to get the gorgeous fall colors! Here are the pics she took for us.