Monday, October 14, 2013

Breck's Blessing

So just a heads up this post is mostly pictures and not a lot of writing ha! Hope you enjoy!

Before Breck's blessing he got to meet his Great Grandma. Abuela got to meet and hold him for the first time and he was so good for her. 

Breck and Abuela

My handsome handsome man!

Breck's Bath Time!!!

He absolutely LOVES water! When it's Bath time or shower time he just sits there completely content. He is such a good lil' guy!

September 29th was Breck's Baby Blessing Day! That weekend we got to spend time with all the family that came to support Breck's big day! My Uncle Bryan and Aunt Katrina and their 3 kids, Mack, Lily & Sophie were able to come down from Utah. Breck's Uncle Brandon (my brother) got to come down from Utah as well. Presten's mom and brother Bryten and his Grandma and Grandpa Cook as well as Uncle Randy were all able to come as well. It was so great to have the family here! 

Breck with Uncle Bryten

Uncle Bryt, Grandma and Breck

Aunt Katrina showing off her modeling skills!

Super Cute Tanessa!

Lily, Sophie and Mack were so incredibly cute with Breck! They just loved on him and wanted to hold him as often as they could! It was so stinkin' cute!
Breck and Lily

Breck and Sophie

My sweet baby boy!

Breck with Mack!

Breck just loves his Uncle Brandon! Look at that cute grin!

Complete Preciousness!

Breck with Aunt Tanessa!

Our lil' man all ready in his blessing outfit and his blessing blanket from his Aunt Kristin!

Family photo!

Breck and Grandma Cook

Breck with Grandpa Cook

Uncle Randy and Breck

Gorgeous Sisters! My mom and Aunt Katrina

My beautiful sister Tianna

Uncle Bryan with Breck

My bro and dad

Funny story! Right after this pic Breck spit up on Sophie's arm and she was so grossed out she quickly moved her arm from under him and he rolled over onto the pillows. Haha she was so disguted! It was so funny! Loves these kids! I have been blessed with such an amazing family and I am so grateful for all the wonderful people that came out to the blessing and to the luncheon! It was a wonderful day!

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