Monday, October 14, 2013

Breck's First Trip To Gunnison, CO!

On Oct. 4th we went up to Gunnison, CO for the weekend. We got to spend General Conference weekend with Presten's family. It was a nice and fun weekend!

Breck with Grandma Audrey

Breck and Punka

Breck was so in love with Punka! He just gave him the biggest grins ever! He smiled at him for a solid 5 minutes! It was the cutest and most precious thing ever! Just about melted my heart! And as you can tell from the pics, Punka absolutely loved holding him!

Breck with Great Aunt Debbie!

The boys hunting for special pennies for Grandma Audrey

We went to a homecoming parade, football game and then spent the rest of the time visiting with family. It was a fun lil' vacation and we have learned that Breck is the world's BEST little traveler! I honestly have been so blessed and been so lucky with this lil' man! He is so so good and I am so grateful for the wonderful blessing he is to our family! So glad he is ours!

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