Thursday, October 31, 2013


This year for Halloween we got to go to a Halloween Party! Woohoo! I love Parties! Callie and Billy Bond throw some AWESOME parties and the costumes this year were so fun! We had a DELICIOUS nacho bar for dinner followed by pumpking carving contest and games. Unfortunately we didn't get to stay long as Tianna was baby sitting Breck and we couldn't stay terribly long. 

Presten was the Mad Hatter and I was the Queen of Hearts!

Here's the whole group!

Pumpkin Carving!

Wreck it Ralph & Vanellope (Billy & Callie Bond)

Gru & Lucy Wilde (Matt & Jessica Wood)

Sergeant Calhoun & Fix It Felix (Nicole & Stewart Blake)

American Chopper

French Kiss (Lacy & Ace Stryker)

Green Arrow Couple (Angie & Trent Webber)

Super Man & Wonder Woman (Michael & Jessica Morgan)

Cowboy & Indian (Eddie & Meeca Bailey)

Dexter (Marisa & Will Hoffman)

Such a fun night full of fun costumes games and food!

Here is my little candy corn!

For Halloween Breck was Superman! Or as we called him, Super Breck! He was the cutest chunky superman ever!!! Funny story about his costume. We got it at Wal*Mart and it's a 6/9 Month costume. Well as you can see in the pic it fits him PERFECTLY! He is 3 months old and fits into a 6/9 Month costume. Yup he's a chunk, but the cutest chunk I've ever seen!

He is THRILLED I dressed him up, the face says it all!

We started the night off at Monte and Pam Roder's house with dinner. It was super delic! After dinner we headed out with Cameron, Makena, Jax and Eden to do some Trick Or Treating. It was SO cold this year that we only made it to maybe 5 houses before the kids wanted to head home. Although we didn't get far we had fun! It's all about the memory making anyways.

Cute Avarell Fam!

Eden was a pretty princess

Jax was a brave knight

Someone got her hands on some cookies with black icing! At least it was yummy!

cute girl!

Makena & Cameron! They were Halloween Matching! Love these two!

My Super Breck!

Breck and Daddy

Jax is such a character!

After the night was over we headed home and Breck decided to give me some super silly faces! His faces are so silly! I love this kid.

That was all for our Halloween this year. Our ward didn't throw a Halloween party this year (lame I know lol) so we just spent our Halloween holiday with awesome friends and their adorable kids!

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