Monday, October 14, 2013

My Dad's Birthday!

Thursday October 3rd was my Dad's Birthday! We were so lucky to be able to celebrate the day with him! There's a lady at work, Carlina who was SO nice and made him and a bunch of their co-workers home made Navajo Tacos! Needless to say they were DELICIOUS!!! 

Carlina decorated his office space for him! HA

He is so excited to be 48 can't you tell? ;)

All the delicious food we got to enjoy!

Papi & Breck!

Handsome boys!

That evening after everyone got off work we celebrated his birthday some more at a birthday dinner! We ate at Ken & Sue's which was amazing as usual and he got to open up presents!

He got pics of him and Breck and some pics of Breck for his office. My mom gave him some new clothes, work jeans and he got some sweet new riding glasses! All in all, I would have to say I think he had a great birthday! ;)

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