Saturday, November 30, 2013


The month of being thankful! November is the month that everyone decides they are going to be thankful just for one day or the whole month, but really I think everyone should be thankful for the whole year, but it's very nice to have the month of November because it helps to remind us of all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for! This month our handsome little man turned 3 months old! It's completely insane how quick Breck is getting! He is getting quite chunky and I'm absolutely loving his rolls! He is the most adorable little thing ever! I can't get enough of him and his grins. He is the most smiley and content little guy! He makes being a mom super easy! Heavenly Father sent me an angel!

This month we had some fun times. Daddy gave Breck a bath for the first time and he totally nailed it! Breck had the biggest smiles for dad and giggled like crazy!

Love the face Presten is giving me and I LOVE all of the chunkiness that Breck is sporting ;)

My handsome boys! I'm one lucky gal!

This boy makes everything PERFECT

Having family so close is such a blessing! My Mom (Honey) and Dad (Papi) were super awesome and babysat Breck for us while we went out on a date night! As I'm sure you've already guessed my Mom and Dad were not excited at all to have a night with Breck lol We went to dinner and had dessert and a movie.

I love this man!

 For Thanksgiving Presten was able to get time off and we got to go up to Gunnison, CO. We left Durango Thanksgiving Day (Thursday) and came home that Sunday. Now here's where everyone finds out that I'm a lame mom. I didn't get ANY pictures of Breck on Thanksgiving. His first Thanksgiving and I completely blew getting any pictures. Yup I fail! I do have a little bit of an excuse though...I was sick and had a headache and has asked Presten to get some pics for me and he didn't so I'm not the only one that failed thank goodness ha But I got pictures of him the day after is that counts. Well as soon as we got to Gunnison, we went straight over to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner. Grandma and Grandpa and their dog Lady, were there along with Uncle Randy and his dog Razor; Aunt Marsha, Tatum and Nolan, Nathan, Kelli and their daughter Azzy, Tawnie and her boyfriend, Tabitha and her roommate, Nick and Nevin, Mom, Presten, Breck and I, and Trent and Bryten! So a total of 23 people if we include the dogs! It was quite the gathering! It was so fun to have everyone together. After dinner I went home and took a nap since I wasn't feeling good and Presten and Breck stayed with the family. From what I hear there was lots of stories told and lots of laughter. I'm bummed I missed it but glad that everyone had a blast!

The next day we went and and spent it with Punka and Grandma. This visit I was there the whole time for and feeling good. Trent and Bryt played with Breck which was totally ADORABLE! I loved watching them with him. They were so cute with him. Those boys will be some AMAZING fathers one day, but until then they get to be the coolest uncles EVER! Breck thought they were pretty awesome as well! He loved smiling at them and just watching them.

The boys are going to LOVE me for posting these. I'm like total favorite status I'm sure!
Isn't his hat just SOOOOO CUTE?!

Our very own pirate Bryt!

sleeping Breck! Can't get enough of this kid!

These legs are SO chunky it HAD to be documented! Just look at that chunk! 

I've got my very own chunky monkey! 

See this right here, pure cuteness!



 That evening we had dinner at Punka and Grandma's with Uncle Steve and Aunt Debbie. After dinner we got such a fun treat! We all stayed at Punka and Grandma's until 11:00pm. What were we doing all that time you may be wondering? Well we were laughing of course! We heard stories of how Uncle Steve and Aunt Debbie met, and how Punka and Grandma met and all sorts of crazy fun things they did in college! It was definitely a night of making wonderful memories! We all were laughing so hard our insides hurt! It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed it! Breck even had a blast. He had so much fun that he was passed out on the floor ha. He only made it to 8:00pm and then fell asleep.
Breck and Uncle Steve

They really were having so much fun I promise!

What a great visit we had with everyone! Until next time!