Sunday, December 29, 2013

Layla's Blessing Weekend

The weekend after Christmas we got the special treat of being able to go up to Gunnison, CO. My family left on Saturday around 12pm and at 1:30 Presten, Breck and I made our way up to Gunnison for 1 night. Our niece Layla (who is 2 months older than Breck) was being blessed that Sunday and we were able to go up and Presten was able to be apart of that. It was also the first time Layla and Breck got to meet each other. It was unfortunately a short trip but it was a fun one and I'm glad that we were able to go and be there for them. Here are the pictures from the weekend. 
Layla, Gram & Breck

Getting both babies to smile was quite difficult!

Trent got Presten a Rzr for christmas! Too bad it wasn't a real one lol

Bryt playing the guitar


yup you guessed it..playing charades!

The Hatch kids


The girls!

The Hatch Family

Punka with Breck & Layla

All Breck wanted was to eat Layla's dress!

Grandma with Breck & Layla

Love Layla's face!

And he finally got the dress in his mouth! 

Grandma with her great grandkids

Grandma Cook with Breck & Layla

Grandma & Grandpa Cook with the Great Grandkids

Such Wiggle Worms

4 Generations right here!