Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Breck in December!

It's official...I'm one of "those" moms. You know, the ones that are just so obsessed with their kids that they take millions of pictures of them in slightly different positions? Yup that's me. I was obsessed with taking pictures anyways, and now that I have my very own muse I have an excuse so it's even better! Enjoy the pictures of my certified hunk, or as my dad says...certified chunk!

He fell asleep playing with his toys. How could this not be a picture moment?

too precious!

He LOVES bath time! The tub is his happy place!

Breck's 1st faux hawk!

Thumb sucker!

He's just so cute I could just eat him!

Tummy time...apparently it's tough!

Punka and Grandma sent him a "wee block" when he was born, and I just HAD to get a pic of him with it. Too awesome!

Silly faces!

This one is too awesome not to share! Look at his face, he looks concerned lol

snuggles with Aunt Tianna

Such a big boy! 

My very own Reindeer! I love this little man of mine!

So I thought I would do something fun and unique for Breck. He got so many wonderful blankets from people as gifts. Some were handmade others given from the heart and I didn't wan't to forget who gave him what So I took pictures of each of the blankets and put their names with them and printed them in Breck's baby book so we will never forget what amazing people we have in our lives and Breck will always know where the blankets he loves so much came from!

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