Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Is Here!

December, oh how I love the month of December! It is the time of year that just seems to be magical. The music is wonderful, the stores are all decorated cheery and bright and the most favorite of all... THE LIGHTS!!! I absolutely love the decorated lights! It makes everything seem so magical and exciting! December is probably my most favorite time of the year, except for summer. I love the sun more than I love the cold ha. December is the time to focus on Christmas spirit. One thing I feel like that makes Christmas special is not all the gifts but the memories you make and spending time with loved ones. Sometimes we get so caught up in our busy lives that when we feel like we have a break we just want some alone time instead of taking that time so spend with loved ones. This year my mom's side of the family got together for Christmas. As we get older and our families are growing it is getting harder for us to get together. In the past we have always had the best Christmas memories of us getting together; this year I missed making a lot of those memories. We didn't get to go sledding (as we had no snow) we didn't get to go Ice Skating together, making ginger bread houses, making cookies for Santa, caroling on Christmas day to the hospital and fire station, making our traditional Christmas Day dinner...there were quite a few family traditions that I missed this year, but there were good ones that I most definitely enjoyed! Opening one present on Christmas Eve (Pajamas), doing stockings in the morning, putting together our 1,000 piece christmas puzzle, our family dance party and best of all our talent show! We have not done a talent show since forever. I think the last time us kids put on a talent show was when I was 16yrs old and in High School. about forever ago! I was glad we got to recreate that memory for all my aunts and uncles and for my younger cousins. It was well worth it!

Santa came and decorated our house! It's so fun to see all the lights and presents while all the kids were sleeping!


Papi & Breck

The whole clan waiting to open stockings

The other half of the clan

Santa got me Victoria's Secret lotion & perfume!

and Cheetah print scarf...he knows me well!

I LOVE LOTION! especially when Santa gets me Bed Bath & Body Works!

Oakley! We know what's up!

Her face says it all!!!

Presten made the clock for my mom for Christmas. My dad REALLY liked it! It says, "Whatever I'm Late Anyways" haha it was an awesome gift! Presten is so talented!

The yellow diamond necklace my mom got from Tianna & Tanessa

Super cute shoes!!!!

After opening gifts at our house we took our gifts over to Dana & Papa's for them to open our gifts to them and vise versa.

Our gift to them. It's a picture wreath of our family in 2013.

Love this pic!

So Brandon randomly turned and gave Tianna this hilarious face and I just so happened to have the perfect timing and caught his face in action! Best timing ever!

This was his reaction when he realized I got his face on camera!

While there my Dana pulled out my dad's baby book to show us some photos of my dad. She said she didn't think Breck looked like him until she pulled out the book and sure enough they look A LOT alike! It's crazy! So cute

This is Breck's new jungle gym play mat that he got from Honey & Papi. He loves it!

Breck got the CUTEST moccasins from Punka & Grandma! 

He's a stud!

Matching Boys!

Lily grabs her bow, goes in her room, puts on this blue dress and comes out and says..."I'm Merida!" haha Cutest thing EVER!!!

We had such a blast having everyone here for Christmas. We are already looking forward to Christmas in 2015 and for more memories that we will be able to make and create! 

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