Saturday, December 21, 2013

Farley Christmas Caroling!

December 20th I got to introduce Presten and Breck to my favorite Christmas memory growing up. Ever since I can remember every year we go caroling with my Dad's side of the family. When we were younger I remember all of us riding in my Uncle Rusty's bus with our Santa hats and belting christmas songs! It was so fun to sing to people and to go pixie people as well. It is such a wonderful past time and this year I got to include my own little family in the magic!

Presten and Breck

Aunt Suzy and Uncle Tracy....Santa and his Reindeer ;)

Papa, My Dad and Tianna, the photo bomber! Can you tell they LOVE having hats on?

Sisters! I look a little crazy demonic but oh well ha!

Jake Kaitlyn!

My dashing boys! Dang I'm lucky!

Sweet Malia! She's a character!

Here is our caroling group this year!

We were missing the Farley's in Tennesee

My totally ADORABLE grandparents!

Aunt Suzy and Mom

Nesskers and I

Uncle Tracy, Uncle Tom & Uncle Pete

Dad and Mom

Tanessa was all excited to take a pic with him and he gave me this face and acted all scared...

So then ness felt awkward, Presten enjoyed that and Tianna photo bombed...

Then Presten REALLY brought them in for a hug (can you tell only one of them is enjoying this hug? yup Presten)

and then they decided to all settle their differences and love each other nicely!

There was so much excitement that he fell asleep!

Can't really see us but we're really cute in this pic, I'm sure of it!

Mom, Tianna, Myself and Tanessa

Trying to figure out how we should hold her

still trying to figure it out...

Finally got it!

After Caroling we all ventured back to Papa and Dana's house
Aunt Nessa and Breck

Shane & Kody

Shane, Kody & Owen

Tianna, Malia & Tanessa

Papa and his "tikitar" (what my bro Brandon used to call his guitar when he was little)

Kaitlyn and Breck...he was ready for bed, can you tell?

Here comes the fun part! Not that the caroling and all that wasn't fun but this was even more wonderful! When I was little Papa used to pull out his guitar and he would sing songs with my cousins and I. There was 8 of us for sure that got this wonderful treat but as we grew older the younger ones didn't get it as often and the youngest ones I believe have never had the opportunity to sing with Papa. Well this year Papa pulled out his guitar and we got to sit around and sing these awesome songs while he played the guitar! Two that I know my cousins will remember for sure were Sneaky Snake and How Much Is That Doggie In The Window. All those cousins that missed out on this sweet gem of a memory in the jealous, be very jealous!

I won't post the videos of us actually singing, mostly because we sing just like pop stars that if I post it everyone will be wanting our Autographs and we just can't have that haha jk, we really failed but it was all about the fun, not the singing right?

Tanessa was trying to sing to my Dad, he's trying really hard not to laugh

Like father like son...exact same sitting position, arm position and comfy couch! These two crack me up!
Even when they change positions it's the exact same!

Blue Toungue!!!

My dad and Tanessa torturing poor Owen with tickles! and look Iron Man showed up at our party!

Who knew Tianna was Iron Man?!

Wiped out!

That concludes our Christmas Caroling Adventure! 

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