Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Life In May

The month of May we were quite busy and decided that one night we just needed to have an us night! So Presten and I went on a date on main. I know it was small and simple but it was SO much fun!
The beginning of the night

We went to the Dawg House on Main. They serve hot dogs, gyros and other delicious food! Presten and I got a philly cheese steak hot dog and a Chicago dog. Talk about delicious! And yes I'm being one of those people that takes pictures of their food. :D

May Presten also started softball. He and my dad are playing on a softball team that plays every Tuesday night and so far they are doing awesome!

Just look at that awesome stance! ;)

The carnival came into town and we just had to make our way there of course! I was kind of bummed cuz the rides looked so awesome this year but nope, the belly's a lil' too big to ride those rides ha but none the less it was still so fun!

My adorable parents!

Ness and Pres...don't they look super stoked to be taken a pic together? 

I love this man! That's all for the month of May!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Letter to my Best Friend Kim on her Mission!

H. Kim, My Love!!!
So I was going to send you pics in the mail with the letter I am sending you tomorrow, but the other two letters I sent that contained pictures both came back to me so I just figured I would send these to you via email that way you get to see them, and you'll receive them quicker! ha I love and Miss you!!!!!

Tanessa, me, Bran and Tianna at the airport welcoming Brandon Home!

Here are the baby bump pics you judging...the belly is HUGE ha!

3 Months Along
22 Weeks Along

24 Weeks Along

27 Weeks along - 6 Months (Most recent Pic)

 Below are some 3D Pictures of Baby D! 
This is the head. The right eye is hidden, but you can see the mouth, left eye, left ear and nose

Here is a profile pic. The left arm is covering it's mouth.

A profile pic again. 
The baby def. has Presten's nose and has my chunky chipmunk cheeks haha 

Hope you have a GREAT week! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY!!! I hope your comps spoil you and that you have the best Birthday Week EVER!!!!!! 
Love you tons!!!!!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Moab RZR Trip!

This past weekend we got the AWESOME opportunity to go to Moab for a riding weekend! Talk about PERFECT! It was SO much fun! The day before we were supposed to leave Lexus, our dog got run over and had to go the animal hospital and get surgery. The surgery went well and he is healing good. There are days that he is in pain but he is doing good for the most part. Well that lil' incident threw a kink in the plans we had and my mom had to stay home with Tanessa to take care of Lexus. Since she had to stay Brandon, my brother got to come instead. We still had a BLAST, although we missed my mom! We went from Thursday to Sunday and had 2 full days of sweet riding! Not to mention we had some delicious food! Day 1 Aunt Suzy and Uncle Tracy made Eggs, roasted potatoes and toast for breakfast, and we had Steak, baked potatoes and salad for dinner! Talk about YUM! Day 2 we had breakfast burrito's with the left over breakfast from Day 1 with bagels and cereal and then had burgers and pasta salad for dinner. Day 3 breakfast was my dad's infamous breakfast sandwiches! Even though we were camping we ate like royalty and all of it tasted 100% delicious! Here are some pics from our super fun weekend! Enjoy!

No worries I had the belly all taped up and ready for the bumps and had NO issues all weekend!

The skull was perfectly placed in the middle of my belly, ha good times!

My dad's dusty/dirty hair. The showers after riding all day were SO needed ha

The above was all riding from Day 1, all the pics below are from Day 2 Riding

Sexy pose!

My hubby and bro!

Me and the hubs!

Baby Lydia ready to ride!

I know that was a lot of pics but I couldn't help it. We just had so much fun and pics are just so fun to look at that I just had to post a whole bunch of them! ha Well that was our awesome weekend trip and we enjoyed every moment of it! Can't wait for our next riding trip!