Thursday, September 5, 2013

6 Days Old already?!

I can't believe that today Breck is 6 days old! It's crazy how fast the days have gone by and how much this lil' guys face has changed from the day he was born to today. He's only 6 days old and has already changed so much, I want it to slow down. He's so little and perfect and I just want him to stay this way! I know he can't but I can hope right? So in the 6 days he has been home a lot has happened to this sweet guy. He has a lot of fans and people that have been anxiously waiting to meet him! He has had a chance to meet all of his Great Aunts and Uncles on my mom's side, his Aunts (Tianna & Tanessa), his Dana & Papa, cousins, Honey and Papi, Randy & Tammie, his Uncle Trent and his Uncle Mikey. He has been one busy boy meeting all these new faces and he has been amazing through it all! He still has to meet his Uncle Brandon, Uncle Bryt, Uncle Josh & Aunt Kristin and cousins in buffalo and all his extended cousins. This guy has so much family that loves him it's gonna be hard to meet everyone so soon ;)
Breck meeting Uncle Mikey for the first time!

So precious!

Love his lil' face!

Honey and Breck

On Tuesday Breck had his first big trip! We went to the Dr. for his color test and measurements and check up. He weighed 8lbs 7oz the day he was born. When we left the hospital he was 8lbs 5oz and on Tuesday when they weighed him he was 8lbs 5oz. He kept his weight up. Dr. Lavengood said that 3 days after they are born is the smallest they will weigh. Well dang, then my baby boy is one hefty boy! The Dr.'s appt. went great and he was as healthy as ever! On Wednesday we went to the Dr. again. This time for Breck to get circumcised. Talk about the saddest thing EVER!!! He did such an amazing job! Dr. Lavengood said he was SO good and so well behaved. When I came in to get him after the procedure he was a lil' tense but really good and calm. It wasn't until he dirtied his diaper that he escalated because it hurt him so bad. The nurse showed me how to properly take care of his diaper without hurting him so that was a huge relief. It was so sad to see him cry and to know he was in pain and not be able to help him. He is such a trooper though! I thought that since he was in pain that sleeping that night would be hard, I was wrong. He slept for 4 1/2 hrs and then for another 4 hrs after that feeding. Today he has been such a happy boy! 

Some questions I have been getting are how is he doing, does he sleep, is he fussy etc. To answer those questions, Presten and I have been completely BLESSED with this sweet sweet boy! From the day he was born to today he has been such a GOOD baby! Like no joke! He is a great nurser, and we are already on an awesome schedule. He feeds every 2-3 hours during the day and about every 4 - 4 1/2 hrs at night. He sleeps through anything! I make sure to have lots of noise going as well to make sure he will continue to sleep through the noise! I want to keep him sleeping through anything! He can also sleep anywhere. He sleeps in his bassinet, his cradle, on the floor, the couch in your arms etc. My fav place for him to fall asleep though is in my arms where I can love and cuddle him the whole time! In all honesty there is not one thing that is rough or hard. From the first night I had him it was like everything just came so natural to me. I was ready to be a mom and the late nights and waking up and diaper changes all felt natural. Breck and I automatically put ourselves on a schedule and have kept to it. I couldn't be happier as a mom. It's the best job ever! Having Breck here feels like he has been here all along. I'm so glad he gets to be part of our family! We love him so much. Bragging moment on my hubby for a sec...I LOVE watching Presten with Breck. He is SO attentive and just so in love with this lil' guy. I knew when we got married that he would make one amazing dad, but seeing him with Breck and how every day he can't wait to get off work to come home to his lil' man just makes me love him even more than I could have imagined. He is the best dad and just beyond perfect! I am so blessed and such a lucky girl to have these two wonderful guys that I get to call all my own! I love them both so much words can't even begin to express the love I have for them! 

Tonight is the Broncos Vs. Ravens football game and Uncle Trent bought a Jersey for Presten and one for Breck. He is one awesome Uncle! Breck is one very lucky lil' guy! 
"Go Broncos!"

Daddy with his #1! 

Baby Breck's Birth Story!

Just a forewarning to you, I have some detailed information. If you do not want to read this all the way and just want to look at the pictures I don't blame you. Enjoy!

Things I have learned with this pregnancy:

1) Everyone's pregnancy is SO different and I was SO blessed to have the amazing pregnancy that I did

2) DON'T ask a pregnant mom who has PASSED her due date when the baby is coming; just be patient and let them inform you of when the baby has arrived, otherwise it adds more stress and anxiety to the expecting mom

3) Having a surprise baby is so much fun!

4) Family is the best thing in the world to have, without them I have no idea what I would do

5) My Husband is SO supportive and the BEST dad that I could have ever imagined he would be.

6) Becoming a mom is a very HARD and painful experience but the gift you get out of it is the best gift and worth every pain felt!

I've decided to do a birth story for our sweet Baby D. August 23rd, 2013 was my due date. Before my due date I thought for sure that I would have the baby early. When I was 38 weeks my Dr. informed me that I was dilated at a 2 1/2 - 3 cm and 80% effaced. They informed me that the baby could come at anytime. Well that really sparked my enthusiasm and I for sure thought I would have the baby soon then! Well no such luck. My next appointment was scheduled on Aug 23rd, my due date. I woke up and got ready that morning hoping for some sign that I was going into labor. As you guessed, nothing. I felt perfectly fine. The day wasn't all that horrible though. My sister, Tianna, is amazing and surprised me! I thought that she was supposed to be coming in that afternoon but she surprised us and got in Thursday night which made the day better. I went in for my appt. and my mom and sister got to come with. Tianna got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time so that was really neat. The Doctor informed me that I was dilated at 3cm and 80% effaced, the same as the week before. Hearing that was kind of discouraging. The last two weeks I had had contractions at night. I had them like all night for 2 weeks and then come morning they would fizzle out and stop throughout the day. That's partially why I thought that I would at least have the baby early or on time. Well the due date came and went and with it definitely some emotions. Having the due date come and go was like waiting for Christmas and waking up with no's a very sad feeling. I'm sure that there are many women and moms out there that totally know what I'm talking about and can totally relate! At my appointment on Aug 23rd the doctor and I scheduled my induction date for Friday Aug 30th (a week from then). They told me that even though they were scheduling my induction date they really had a feeling and thought for sure that I would be in there laboring on my own before having to be induced. With them telling me that they thought I would be in before my induction date gave me hope again. Well all of us were wrong, because that following week I had no more progress. The contractions had stopped and my body just completely relaxed on me. I had to wait until my induction date. My appointment was scheduled for 6:30 am on Friday Aug 30th. Dr Baca was my inducing doctor (which was a plus because she was the Dr. that I really did want) and she was AWESOME! My main nurse was Laura was also wonderful! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better nurse and doctor! After I was admitted and had all my paperwork done Dr. Baca came in and did the first induction. They use a pill called cytoteck (don't know how to spell it). It's used for acid reflux but they have found that it can put pregnant women into labor.  I was very grateful that they tried that way of induction first and let my body labor on it's own. Presten and I had decided on an all natural labor so this form of induction definitely coincided with our wishes. After the pill I was monitored for an hour and then had 1 1/2 hrs to walk around. My mom, sister Presten and I headed down to the cafeteria and ate breakfast, well they did as I was put on a clear fluids diet only. After breakfast Presten took me walking for a good hour. We power walked around the hospital grounds and I even did some lunges trying to make sure I was going to have this baby! All that walking and lunging kicked my braxton hick contractions up. After that we went back to the hospital room and they monitored me again.

Presten painted my toes and got them all ready for delivery! Are they not the cutest toes ever?! he's super talented!!!

Aren't you just in love with my stylish gown? So stunning on me I know ;)

we are ready to have a baby!

Getting monitored...probably the funniest looking thing ever ha

My contractions had started up by then and were 2 - 4 min apart. I was progressing very well and let me just say that I was SO excited that I was finally progressing!!! At 11:30am Dr. Baca came in and checked me since I was 2-4 min apart on contractions and I was 100% effaced and dilated at a 4. Can I just tell you how excited I absolutely was? I was going to have this baby!  Side note, My mom, Sister Tianna, MIL (mother in law) Frances and Presten all got to be in the delivery room with me and I was so grateful that they all got to be a part of this great experience with me. So at 11:30am Dr. Baca broke my water (which by the way didn't hurt one bit) and let my body go from there. I felt like I was laboring really well up to this point. Tianna at one point told me, "can you show some sort of pain on your face, your raising the bar way too high for the rest of us!" ha The pain was uncomfortable but thanks to my amazing birthing class (We took the Bradley Method Birth Class with Lindsay Petersen, best class ever) I had learned how to try to let my body relax during the contractions and to not fight them. The tips and tricks we learned from the class helped me out A TON! I would recommend this class to anyone! At this point Tianna, my Mom and MIL all went down and ate lunch while Presten stayed and helped me through the labor pains. Once the water was broken I could feel a lot more of the pain and pressure. It's amazing how much cushion and comfort water makes! I did about an hour of laboring in the bath tub which was beyond amazing! I can't tell you how wonderful the warm water and jets felt. Even though the pain was building the hot water helped to take the edge off.

The pain was getting a little harder to handle

I'm surprised I didn't break his hand ha

  After the tub I got out and got back in the bed and Laura came in and checked me. This was at 1:00pm. I had progressed to 5cm. She told me that I was halfway there and I was doing great. After she left the room I looked at Presten and said, "Halfway there? I don't know if I can do this, the pain is getting so intense!" He looked me in the eyes and said, "yes you can do this. You are strong, this is what you want and we can get through it." Talk about one amazing man! Well after that the pain was almost unbearable and I felt like something was happening. I looked at my mom and said, "I think the head is coming, can you see it?! I really think the baby is coming!" She ran and grabbed Laura. Frances came over at this point and held my left hand while Presten held my right. Laura came in and in a half hour I went from 5cm to 8cm. She walked out and grabbed Dr. Baca. When she walked out I looked and Presten and said, "honey I really don't know if I can do this. I think I might need an epideral." He gave me this look like what are you talking about ha You can only get an epideral at 5cm nothing bigger and I was at an 8. Instead of laughing and making fun of me he looks me square in the eye, holding my hand and stroking my forehead he said, "No, you can do this without the epideral. I know it's painful but you are doing so good and you can do this the way we want to." Within 5 min of Laura leaving I went from 8cm to 10cm and we were having a baby! At this point I was really in pain. There really is no way to explain the pain that you feel when giving birth but I can say that it is EXTREMELY painful! I was holding Presten's hand and with every contraction as I tried to stay calm and to breath all I could do was to squeeze his hand as hard as I could and for some odd reason it helped me get through the contractions. The baby was coming quicker than my body was ready for. I had progressed to quickly that the baby was in the birth canal and the Dr. needed me to get this baby out. She had me push as hard as I could and to try to breath through the contractions. They wanted me to try to breath through the contractions until I got the urge to push, that urge never came but I needed to get the baby out and my labor was going too quick. I was on my back and tried pushing a few times at that point. Then the baby's heartbeat started declining so the Dr. had me roll to my left side for one contraction which added SO much more pain in my pelvic area than I thought I could handle. She then switched me to my right side which brought the heart rate back to normal and felt better to push in. The Dr. had Presten hold my left leg up so I wouldn't squish the baby and my mom came over to hold my hand. At this point I started to kind of hyperventilate and start to question if I could make it through this and get to meet my baby. I was on my right side for 4 contractions and by the 5th one I was on my back and the head was crowning. I was so exhausted and didn't think I could make it. Laura came over and held my left leg while Presten held my right leg and my mom continued to hold my hand. The heart rate started going down again and Dr. Baca told me that we needed to get this baby out and that I needed to meet my baby. I needed to get all my strength and push this baby out. I was on the verge of tears and squeezing my mom's hand like there was no tomorrow. I pushed and pushed and pushed. I had to hold my breath for each push for 10 seconds and then try to catch my breath and push again as quick as possible. All I remember was pushing like my life depended on it and with each push I felt like the room was going black and then the voices of the Dr. and my family were pulling me back into reality. With each contraction I had to push harder and harder and harder. I felt like it was never going to end. With one push I felt an intense burn that wouldn't stop and it got worse. I just kept pushing. My whole body was shaking at this point, I was squeezing my mom's hand to the point that my hands were turning white and my left hand was holding my oxygen mask. The Dr. and nurse kept telling me that I was doing great but I NEEDED to push. The burn was awful but I pushed, I pushed and pushed harder. The burn grew in intensity; Dr. Baca told me that the baby's head was out and I needed to get the body out. I wanted to know what my baby was, I wanted the baby healthy and I wanted the burn to stop. So I gave 3 big pushes, pushes that took every ounce of energy my body had left. I grabbed my legs, took super deep breaths, almost blacked out but I gave it my all. With the last push I could feel this sense of relief. The intense burn just went to a burn. I could feel that someone else was holding my hand and stroking my head. They kept saying something to me, I couldn't understand or focus. I was trying to come back to what was happening in the room. All of a sudden I felt a strong hand grab my face and turn it towards them. I opened my eyes and focused with what energy I had left. It was my husband. With tears in his eyes, holding my hand and stroking my forehead he announced to me and the room that we had just given birth to a boy! We had a baby boy! I lost it, I was hysterical, I was crying and yelling to the room that we had a son! They immediately took my baby boy and laid him down on my chest. When he came out he cried like a normal baby but as soon as they put him on my chest he stopped crying. He opened his eyes, looked at me and I looked into the precious eyes of my son. He then did something amazing. He did a push up and lifted his head and held it there. I couldn't believe that I had a son, and a strong one at that! His strength surprised us all! For a split moment while the nurses were running around, the Dr. was stitching me up and so much chaos was going on, it felt like time stood still for Presten and I as we looked into the blue eyes of our new born son. Within a couple of minutes the Dr. told me that I needed to push the placenta out. I did that no problem, it didn't even hurt at all, what did hurt were the stitches. The Dr. said that the baby's hand was by his head when he came out and I ripped. I had to get 10 stitches which was a bummer but for the reward, SO worth it! After I got stitched up they asked me what the baby's name was. Looking at Presten I announced the name of our baby boy, Breck Guy Dickinson. 

The first time meeting my baby boy

Presten cleaning up my face from all the tears and sweat

They took Breck and measured him while they took me and cleaned me up. The labor portion may sound like a blur and all over the place but that's what it was like for me. After they measured him they had me nurse immediately. We had no issues nursing. Breck latched right on and I had no problems giving him the nutrients he needed. After nursing the nurses and Presten took him to the nursery. Presten then brought him back and handed him to me. As I looked at my new born baby all I could think was how absolutely PERFECT he was. I was blessed with a child, a child that Presten and I brought into this world and one that has blessed our lives already. I was so emotional and so overwhelmed with joy that all I could do was cry and hold him close while Presten held me close.

 From that point on it was all a blur of family visiting, crying tears of joy, nursing and just enjoying every moment of holding and looking at my baby Breck.   So to sum it up my labor and delivery story was quick! On average most women that have have their first baby can have a labor and delivery anywhere from 12-24 hrs. My time you ask? 3 hours. They broke my water at 11:30am and I had Breck at 2:37pm. It was so quick but so beyond intense! Most of the time when you labor you had breaks in between contractions to breath and to try to relax. My contractions I had no breaks in between. Because I labored so quickly my contractions were right on top of each other and increased in intensity with every contraction. The next question is would I go through this unspeakable pain again? The answer is yes! Even though the recovery process is painful and uncomfortable and the labor hurt I would do it all again for my baby. It's the best feeling in the world when they hand you your very own baby! Below are a whole bunch of pictures of family and all of us meeting Breck for the first time! Welcome to the world Baby Breck! and thanks to all of you who were interested enough to read this birth story.
Proud new father!

Papi, Breck and the new Dad

Breck and his Papi

Breck with Honey

Grandma and Breck

Presten, Grandma and Breck

My Daddy giving me a "good job" kiss

Pres and my Dad

Dana with her great grandson

Papa with his new great grandson 


Aunt Cindy and Breck

The new family of 3

I can't believe we are parents!

Aunt Suzy with Breck

Aunt Tanessa was SO excited she had a nephew! 

Dr. Lavengood with Breck. He has been our family doctor forever and we are SO glad that he gets to be Breck's pediatrician! We are in GREAT hands!

Today we get to go home!

All ready in his carseat to go home!

We are ready to take our baby home!

My two handsome boys!

Our entourage all for Breck!

We finally have a baby!!!! 

That's our story of how Baby Breck came into this world! We love our little boy and are so grateful for how wonderfully perfect he is!