Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we spent the day at my Abuela's house. We exchanged gifts, the kids put on a skit about the True meaning of Christmas and we enjoyed the visit.

Abuela & Breck

All the ladies

Honey & Breck

Love this handsome stud!

Breck & Tutu

Aunt Katrina

Kris, Josh & Tio Oscar


The girls visit...the boys play on their toys

All the kids went outside and tried to play ultimate frisbee. They couldn't find a frisbee so they used a soccerball ha! 

They had a BLAST

Miranda & Breck

My Mom & Tia Sonia


After ultimate frisbee with a soccer ball they played duck duck goose.

It was so cold outside we tried giving Landon a bigger jacket

He couldn't get it off fast enough!

He loves soccer! Follows after his daddy

This was where all the cell phones were so no one would lose them

I just love my moms face in this!
Honey, Breck & Tutu

Pres & Mitch

Jelaeni & Tanessa playing "Down By The Bank"

Landon found a baby crib and decided that it was for him ha

The kids putting the skit on

Abuela got Breck a soccer ball. The story behind this is Presten was joking around the day before and told my Uncle Bryan (who is a HUGE soccer fan) that Breck would know every kind of ball except a soccer ball. What does he get from Abuela the next day? A Soccer Ball! haha we all had a good laugh!

Our little reindeer!

the girls all got skirts from Abuela

Abuela's wreath

Kristian obviously had too much fun it wore him out!

After we visited my Abuela we made our way home. Presten and I headed to my Papa & Dana's to do Christmas Eve gift exchange with my cousins.
Josh & Breck

Jake & Kaitlyn

Staysha & Breck

Jake & Kaitlyn got a flippy hat for Breck. You squeeze on one of the handles and the arms flip up! I know it was for Breck I was just so excited about it I had to put it on!

Look at our cute little present!

Jake & Breck

After Dana & Papa's Pres, Breck and I headed back home and did our Christmas Eve with my family. We had all the kids leave the room. My Aunt Laeni hid a pickle in somewhere in the Christmas Tree and the first one to find it would be the first one to open their gift. Tanessa was the one to find the pickle and we all got to watch as she opened her one gift (pajamas! surprise!)

 After Nessa opened her gift all the rest of us got to open our Christmas Eve gifts.

Breck & Dad got matching Pj's! The shirt says "Bazinga" it's the term Sheldon uses off of The Big Bang Theory when he is letting his friends know he is kidding.

Family PJ's!

Father & Son

The Scotchman's

The Farley's

Silly faces! haha their faces are AWESOME

The Waite's

Sophie was the only one that gave me a silly face

The Withers'

The Barnard/Withers Family

The Barnard girls (Missing Marissa)

 After Pajama's we all went to bed and awaited the arrival of Santa Claus!!!!

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