Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Sunday

December 22nd was Christmas Sunday! Our Christmas color this year was Gold (Every year we pick a color that everyone will wear. The boys get a tie in that color and the girls dress in that color). We wore black, white with gold accents. We couldn't find a bow tie for Breck that was gold. We found a tie but bow ties are just so much cuter on little babies! I even had my brother look for me but we couldn't find one. So what did we do, we turned to Pinterest! Presten and I went to Wal*Mart on Saturday, got hte items we needed and threw together the cutest little bow tie ever! This was Breck's first Christmas Sunday and he looked ADORABLE!!!
Presten and Breck

Look at those cute boys! 

Look at how great that bow tie turned out!

4 months old today!!!!

What a stud!

My darling little family! Could not be more blessed!

It was a good thing we got all of the pictures taken before church because Breck's outfit didn't last long.

After church we all came home and relaxed and enjoyed family. My brother, Aunt Laeni & her kids Jelaeni and Gabriella, and Uncle Bryan & Aunt Katrina and their kids Mack, Lily and Sophie were the first to arrive. They arrived on Saturday and Sunday we awaited the arrival of everyone else. Aunt Mori and her girls Miranda and Emma, and Mitch, Jessica and their little boy Landon were arriving that day. My Tio Oscar and Tia Sonia and their kids Kristian and Joshua arrived on Monday.
Breck and Aunt Tianna

Just look at those cheeks! I want to squish them!!!!

Uncle Bran and Breck


It's official...they are too cute!

Breck chillin' on the floor with everyone

My Dad and his "yilly"

My mom with her sisters!
Aunt Katrina, Mom and Aunt Laeni

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