Monday, December 23, 2013

Leading Up To Christmas

With all the family finally here and celebrating with us I just had to take pictures. As many know I love pictures and capturing moment and sure enough all week that's what I was doing, taking TONS of videos and pictures! Below are all the gems I captured!

My cousin Jessica, Breck and Sophie

On the Ipad or Iphone there is an app called Charades. It was a HUGE hit! we had SOOO much fun and so many good laughs. I would most definitely recommend it for any large or small group. It is tons of fun and can include ALL ages!

Sophie, Presten & Lily

Lily heard Presten talk and looks at me and says, "He can talk?! I didn't know he could talk!" I about died laughing!

We had to act out the charades

Uncle Bryan and his girls
Lily, Uncle Bryan & Sophie

Aunt Laeni & Gabri

Love this man!

We are a little crazy and that's ok!

Tutu (means Grandma in Hawaiian) & Landon

Uncle Bran & Breck

Honey & Papi with Breck

Lily, Jelaeni & Brandon

Gabri & Breck

Awww cousinly love!

Love these kids!

Miranda & Breck

Aunt Mori & Aunt Laeni!
Puzzle time!!!!

Mack, Jelaeni & Lily

Monday night all the adults went out to dinner and left the kids at home. They had pizza, watched a movie and played games so don't feel too bad for them!

The whole gang at Tequila's

Tianna's hands & My dashing brother!

Tia Sonia & Tio Oscar

Jessica & Mitch

Aunt Laeni & Aunt Mori

Dad & Mom

Aunt Katrina & Uncle Bryan

Aunt Suzy & Uncle Tracy (he loves when I take pictures lol)

Pres & I

It was a fun family tradition that we got to enjoy! Love my family!

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