Monday, March 31, 2014

Activity Days - March

For those that don't know I am the Activity Day leader in my ward. Basically I get to work with girls ages 8-11 and come up with fun activities and learning/developing skills and preparing them to enter Young Women's. We have SO much fun! We combine with the girls in 1st ward and we have a blast! This month we focused on service. We decided to visit 3 sisters that are home bound. We took them a goody basket with home made bread that Tammy Fenberg made, along with fresh fruit and lotion. When we delivered the baskets the girls sang a primary song to them. The 3 sisters that we visited LOVED it! It was so fun, and when we do it again we will make sure to set aside time to visit with them. That was the bummer part was that we went dropped off the basket, sang and then left and you could tell that they just wanted to visit. The next time we do it we will make sure to take time for a visit. It was so much fun though, and it was such a great opportunity for the girls to serve!

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