Monday, March 31, 2014

March 2014

This month was full of fun little surprises. Our first surprise was that Uncle Trent got to come and stay 5 days with us. The day after we got back from Denver, Trent came and partied with us old folk! We were so much fun and full of spunk that we took him shopping all day in Farmington. It's a good thing he loves us so much. The rest of the time we just hung out at home and relaxed. Breck was SO happy to see his Uncle Trent! We love him! By the way ladies, this cute BIL of mine is single if you're interested...and he's cute to boot! 

Breck with his Uncle Trent

Shopping Time!!!!

The rest of the month was full of celebrating birthdays and getting snuggles from our cute Bubba Boy! Presten's birthday was March 8th. For his bday we celebrated by getting my sisters to babysit Breck and we went to Carver's for dinner with Bernardo & Shea Costa. It was full of fun and laughter. This was the first year that we had been in Durango for his birthday. All his other birthdays we were always in Utah, so this was a fun treat to be able to be home and celebrate together. 
Happy Birthday to this Sexy man of mine! 27yrs old! 

He loves me so much...the face says it all!

His life would be SO boring with out me!

I have so many pics of Breck, but I just can't get enough of this little man. Sometimes I look at him and think, "wow, he belongs to did I get so lucky?"

Precious moments!

He is SO excited to be dressed so cute! Takes after his mom!

My two sexy boys! Life with these two is full of smiles!


The next photos are basically all of Breck and his adventures. I may have an obsession with my child, and unfortunately I have a blogspot so everyone reading this gets to see ALL the thousands of pictures I have of my kid! 
Tenley & Breck; These two are going to be such great friends...If Breck will stop stealing her toys!

Holding hands already?! He moves quickly

Look at those chunky cheeks! I wanna eat him!

Cutest Kid Ever?! I think YES

Playing with the Soccer Ball with Dad!

If you haven't guessed it yet, this kid has an obsession with his balls...Footballs, soccer balls, baseballs etc. He is absolutely in love, and his dad could not be more proud that he is leaning towards the sports!

Father & Son Movie Time!

Breck's 1st Hair Cut!!! 
So there is an awesome story behind this. Me being the independent mother that I am, could not handle how long his hair was getting. So one morning I decided to cut his myself! I took him into the shower so I could scoop his hair into the drain and would get it all over the floor. I pinned him under my legs and arms and started to cut his hair. Well he moved, squirmed and wiggled all over. When I was done, I though it looked ok. I then gave him a bath. After getting him dressed and drying his hair I then realized that I had totally Hacked his hair and badly! There were parts that were super long and other parts that were super short! I had to get this fixed fast because Presten had told me to be patient and to wait and we would do it together. So I had to get this fixed before he got home from work. I was freaking out! So I took Breck upstairs and my mom and sister fixed his hair for me! Thank goodness they were there to save the day. When Presten got home from work he said his haircut looked good! Thank goodness my family can fix my messes, and maybe next time I will be more patient!

He LOVES water!

Breck and Jane! They are seriously so adorable! 

I could honestly photograph these two all day!

The story behind this picture is hilarious! Breck had woken up super early so I just brought him into bed with me. He had fallen asleep for a little bit so I closed my eyes. I have a bed guard on the side and felt him move a little bit. Next thing I knew there was a huge crash and he was making a fussy noise, no crying just a fuss. I look over and he had climbed over the rail, fell off the bed and landed in the waste basket head first! He never cried, it just scared him. When I got him out he was all smiles! Haha Presten and I were laughing so hard. It was awesome! 

He is SO excited to be walking! Absolutely loves his new toy!

The end of March we got to head up to Utah! Presten had to work so he didn't get to come on our fun trip which was a huge bummer! We def. missed him!
While there we went walking. It was pretty cold in the morning so I had to bundle him all up. He loved it so much he fell asleep within 5 minutes of walking, and yes he does have a cheetah blanket because real boys have cheetah blankets, jk It's cuz his mom loves animal print lol 

He had decided that he no longer wanted to sit in the high chair and tried to get out...all he managed to do was do the splits and get stuck!

Mia & Breck, she was giving him kisses! So sweet!

I absolutely love this girl! I got such a treat and was able to meet up with Kayte and her little girl Mia for lunch! After lunch we headed to their home and let the kids play for a little bit. The last time we had seen each other was for their wedding 2 years ago, which is WAY too long to go without seeing each other! This girl is amazing! 

Gavin (Kayte's hubby) & Breck

Everyone needs a Kayte in their life...end of story!!!!

Lily & Sophie! They are seriously so adorable! I love these two soooo much! They are growing up way too fast!!!!

On March 27th we got to celebrate a very special birthday for my best friend, my confidant, the amazing woman who brought me into this world and raised me! It was my moms birthday!!!! 

We got to eat lunch at about DELICIOUSNESS! Just writing this is making my mouth water for one, oh my!

Her and I did some shopping that morning together and some more in the afternoon

Honey & Breck

That night was the best celebrating we did though because we got to go to dinner at.... THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY! If you have not been to The Cheesecake Factory than your life has not yet been exciting! This is the most amazing place and the food is so beyond delicious! No doubt about it, it's easily our new favorite restaurant to eat at!
So we all ventured up to Sandy, UT for dinner. In our car we got an awesome singing group! Tianna, Marissa and Tanessa rocked out and sang to us the whole ride up and the whole ride back. The ride up was fun, the ride back when they were all full, tired and slap happy, now that was HILARIOUS! Absolutely love these girls! Family is AWESOME!!!!

Missy is the only one that likes me enough to pose for me. Tianna was too busy doing who knows what, and Tanessa, well she was too busy picking her hair ha

Our sexy driver, Aunt Katrina! I'm sure she LOVED having all us crazies in the car with her!

Tianna, Marissa & Tanessa

My mom and & Marissa

Myself and Beyleigh

The ADORABLE couple! Brandon and his girlfriend Beyleigh. 

They make the same silly faces and silly poses....they were made for each other!

Life would be so boring without these two! They are going to kill me for posting these pics but hopefully they love me enough that they will forgive me!

When they want to, they can actually give me a cute pose!

Beyleigh & Tanessa

The whole gang! Happy Birthday to My Mom!!!!

Missy & Tianna

Brandon & Tanessa's Cute lil' Tushes!

Missy's impersonation of Dr. Evil! I'd say she's pretty good!

This was right before we were kicked out of the store...ok not kicked out but they gave us rude rude glares until we left...they let us know that we were not welcome there anymore. I guess we can get a little carried away and loud and MAYBE immature when we all get together lol makes for good laughs later!

Oh yeah...she is SEXY! haha Sorry Beyleigh, I just had to!

Aunt Katrina's sultry look!

We have issues!


Tianna & would think they are sisters...but they are not, just cousins!

Getting a good picture while in a car is apparently really hard!

The next day Breck and I made our trip back home. I couldn't sleep so at 2:30am I got a crazy whim and loaded up the car and headed home. It was nice because no one was on the road and we made it home by 8:00am. Not to mention Breck slept the whole way home! That was best part! When he woke up when we got home, that was a different story!
When we got home and woke up this was his reaction. He never cries like this when he wakes up, so I decided that he missed his cousins Mack, Lily and Sophie so much that it brought him to tears. Poor little guy!

Later I got smiles from him.

After unpacking and getting him all bathed and clothed I put him on the bathroom floor with his toys while I took a shower. While washing the shampoo out of my hair I felt something on my foot. I opened my eyes to find this little stinker in the shower fully clothed! He just couldn't help himself and had to get in the water. He thought it was the coolest thing ever! He decided that one bath just wasn't enough and he needed a shower too! It's a good thing that he is just so cute! I can't get mad at this adorable face!

The next day was Saturday. We spent the day just enjoying the outside weather. We went into town and walked the River Trail by Santa Rita Park. After we got lunch and had a picnic at the park. I love making these sweet memories with my little family. It's the little things that count!

This month was a Cutest Kids Contest in Durango. I entered Breck because I thought it would be fun. We didn't win unfortunately, we were 3 votes away from 3rd place, but it was fun to participate in and Breck will always be the cutest kid in my book! Plus I got some super adorable pictures of him! This was a fun way to end the month of March! 

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