Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Car Accident

So on May 13 I got in my very first accident. It was the craziest and most scary experience ever! I was borrowing my moms car and had to run to Mancos. Tianna didn't have to work so she watched Breck for me and I left to run my errand. On my way back home it was snowing and raining. I was taking the back road of County Road 125, from the Hesperus store. I reached the top of the hill and there was snow on the ground so I followed the car tracks that were a head of me. I hit the dirt road and immediately hit wash board. The car started fish tailing and I could not gain control. The road was so slick that when I hit a huge tree dead on it bounced me right off and into a ditch. It was such a blur and super scary. I was SO grateful that I didn't have Breck with me and that he was at home safe and sound. I was SO blessed and had angels watching over me. I walked away with minor scrapes and bruises but for the condition the car was in it looked like I hadn't even been in the car. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father was watching over me and was protecting me. You don't realize that in the blink of an eye your life could be over. It gives you a whole new appreciation for the world and makes you look at things in a whole new light! I really am so blessed and so grateful that nothing extreme happened and that I was alone. I can't tell you the relief I felt when I opened my eyes to see the car and to realize that my son was safe and sound away from all of it! On a side note, air bags are the most painful thing ever! It hurt SO bad!!!!

The one thing though that REALLY upset me was that I got a ticket. A State Trooper came out and issued me a stinkin' ticket! He told me that it was my responsibility to keep control of the car at all times and gave me a $175.00 ticket for wreckless driving! Are you for reals?! Because the dirt road had washboard, snow and rain and caused my car to go off the side of the road and I could not regain control it was my fault and I basically crashed into the tree on purpose. I was SO IRATE! I could not believe it! The worst is he kept telling me i'm sorry but I have to issue this. Whatever! Ugh so lame. So I did some digging and researching and hopefully I can save you some heartache if ever you find yourself in a situation like this. From what I found and was informed if you are in an accident and it does not involve public property like a fence, mailbox etc. you do not need to call the police. You can just report it to your insurance company. If it does however involve public property you will need to have an officer present but just be prepared that 90% of the time they show up you will get a ticket. In my case I got the ticket and they made me feel like I did intentionally! I already felt terrible and he made me feel even worse! It was awful! Anyways, my rant is over now! Below are the pictures from the accident. 

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