Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Madness

May has been so full of busy times and fun memories! So many things have happened this month and it's been so much fun! We have had park play dates, baby showers, lunch dates, changing of hair colors, swimming softball games etc. You name it we have done it! It has been so much fun! I just love spending all this time with my family and friends! There aren't many stories that I have just a lot of pictures! So hope you enjoy the pics!
We have had so much fun we have worn him out!

Such a studly man!

Eden & Jax playing in the garden

On our way to a baby shower! Car was packed with littles!

This girl cracks me up! Too cute!

Ivy & Breck just chillin!

This is my favorite bronzer! You can find it at Walmart. I love it year round but especially during the summer when I have sunburns. It blends everything and makes you look SO tan! Def my number 1 pic for bronzer!

He has figured out how to hide in a cabinet. Cutest thing ever!

These two are seriously so precious!

Changed my hair color from sandy blonde to light blonde! I'm in love with it!

My little Hurley Man!

Adam & Breck just hanging out

Watching Dad's Softball game!

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