Monday, May 5, 2014

RZR Trip Moab 2014

This month was full of pure FUN! 
We started the month off right and took our annual riding to Moab, UT! I always look forward to our riding trips. They are always full of fun memories, lots of laughs, delicious food and great friends and family! This trip had all of the above and the best part was it was Breck's first riding trip! We had SO much fun!
Here is the whole group before day 1 of riding! They always grumble when I tell everyone to get together for a picture, but you know they love looking back at these pictures later! Yup, you can go ahead and thank me for always taking pictures ;)

The one thing about riding is you get DUSTY! Brad always has his handy dandy mask that keeps the dust out, not to mention he pulls it off quite well!

My dad and Uncle Tracy

Presten all ready to rock and roll!

Karie & Presten...both looking a little too innocent

Breck in his car seat...all ready to ride!

Breck thinks his Papi is so AWESOME!

I love the face my dad is making at Breck, it's totally adorable!

Breck and Daddy!

On one of the trails we took he led us right by the river. With the hot weather we were riding in we just HAD to stop and enjoy the cool refreshing water. We washed the dust off our hands and faces and tried to cool down. The ride by the river was super pretty!

My dad and Brad


Everyone wanted a piece of that water!

My mom, Sherry & Craig

I mean really, could those chubby cheeks get any cuter? I might die if he gets any cuter!

Tianna and I

Sisterly Love!

I showed you the group before we went riding, well here is half the group after riding...yes we are DIRTY!

He has an OBSESSION with wheels...he's definitely pure boy!

Those are some dirty boys, but boy are they cute!

Nessa found some free shampoo that was left in one of the bathrooms. She was thrilled with her find! You can see her excitement in the pic below.

So, knowing that this was Breck's first riding experience you may be wondering how he liked it. To answer your questions...he LOVED it! He could not get enough of it! The RZR riding is a drug to him, because if he were sitting still for too long he would get upset. As soon as we started going he was fine and happy and, my favorite part about it, he loved it so much he slept through the whole thing! What kid sleeps on the bumping and loud noise of a RZR you ask...the answer is Breck! haha

Passed out!

This was our make shift canopy for Bubba when he was sleeping. We grabbed a fitted cradle sheet from the thrift store for .25 cents and when he fell asleep we covered his carseat with it and it kept the dust off him. Worked out awesome for us!

Cool Baby!

He does not wear hats, or anything that comes over his eyes. He pulls them right off. The only thing he would keep on all day was his do-rag. Whatever works right?!

Papi throwing him in the air

Center of Attention

"I like 'em big, I like 'em chunky"

You can tell he is thrilled with all the picture taking!

The first ride of the season was a complete success and I am so looking forward to the others!

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