Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Big Surprise!

Before I go on to the rest of the happenings that took place this month I just have to share this ridiculously cute pictures of my Bubba. Yes I am that mom that blows up everything, (intsagram, facebook, blogs etc) with pics of my kid and I'm proud of it! haha

Ok now that I got that our of my system I will go on and tell about the super exciting things that happened to me this month. My best friend Kimberly Montoya served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. She served her mission in Guatemala, spanish speaking. She arrived home in April and I was planning to go up for her homecoming. Well her homecoming talk landed on the day of Mother's Day and Presten and I had sold my car back in March so I was without a car and could not get up there. I was SO SO SO sad that I was going to miss seeing her and I had no idea when I even would be able to see her. Well the most amazing thing happened....SHE SURPRISED ME!!!!! She came down to Durango with her Dad and surprised me! It was the best surprise ever! When we saw each other there was tons of jumping up and down, screaming like little girls, maybe a little was def a girl scene right there! I couldn't help it though, not seeing her for 1yr 1/2 and not be able to talk, or was tough so I had to scream when I saw her gorgeous face. I was so so glad that she came all this way for little ol' me! Made my life complete!

Kim & I

Breck got to meet his Aunt Kim for the 1st time!

I love these two!

After being awake for more then a couple of seconds, he realized how excited he was to meet Aunt Kim. 

The next night Kim and her Dad were BEYOND sweet and took us to dinner at Ken & Sues! It was SO nice of them! We had so much fun with them. It made me wish that Kim and I lived closer!

She's gonna make a great mom one day ;) And yes I'm throwing that in there because I know she is gonna kill me when she see's that I wrote that ha

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