Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July 2014 Silverton, CO

4th of July Weekend we took our annual trip to Silverton, CO. Every year the group goes up, camps, for the weekend, rides, watched the 4th of July parade and enjoys being away from cell phone service and being in nature! This was the first year that Presten and I were able to go and we got such a treat! My MIL (mother in law) Frances and BIL's (Brothers in law) Trenten & Bryten got to come and spend the weekend with us. It was SO much fun! I was so glad they got to come and Breck was too. He had SO much fun with his grams and uncles! Instead of camping we rented a house in town and I LOVED it! I don't know if anyone knows, but....I'm NOT a camper! ha sleeping on the ground, or mats...nope not my thing. I prefer a nice comfy bed, shower, and a working toilet! So renting a house was superb! It was a neat experience too and we already have our house reserved for next year! woo hoo!!!!

Up near the campsites there was an old rustic truck. Tanessa and shane went and checked it out and thought it was really cool!

Daddy with his girls!

Shane with his Aviators ready to ride!

Whatever was going on here was completely HILARIOUS!

He knows how to pose, I've taught him well!

Everyone needs a Karie Brown in their life! She makes like PERFECT, and HILARIOUS!!!!


Breck with his Aunt Nessa

We may have run into rain. It was only a little amount though but we were ready! Breck was not happy about the rain jacket cocoon, but it kept us warm and dry!

Our big riding group on the 1st day!


HAPPY 4th Of JULY!!!!! We went to town and watched the 4th of July parade! Tianna, Tanessa and my dad were in the parade for Brad Blake. 

It's official, Breck is def gonna do this for the parade next year!

The Dickinson/Farley Gang!

Dickinson Bros!

My Cute Mom and Mother In Law!

Swifty! She is ADORABLE

We were so lucky and got to watch the parade with the coolest fam ever! The Webbers!

Swift & Stryker

Angie & I

Aunt Sweety & Honey

She had SO much fun during the parde!

He got himself a sucker and was one HAPPY camper!

The rest of the day was spent enjoying each other, friends and food! We all watched the fire works on the grass at the church building. We got cake and ice cream and had all sorts of goodies and treats and were surrounded by AMAZING ppl! 

The next day the REAL fun began! Yup you guessed it, we went riding!!! We took our group to Lake City. We had about 10 rigs riding all together so it was quite the group we had. We only ran into a little bit of rain on the way back but for the most part it was perfect and BEAUTIFUL!!!
Bryt, Trent and Breck

We made it to Lake City for lunch! Thank goodness, cuz we were all super hungry!

We had a FANTASTIC time with everyone! It was such a fun trip and I am SO glad that my In-laws got to come and enjoy it with us! I am already looking forward to 4th of July next year! Woohoo!!!!

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